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Africa; West Africa, Mainyu River somewhere: Ivan Sanderson, the naturalist, ran into something enormous, shiny black. He said "it was about the size of a full-grown hippopotamus-this head, I mean." His two African assistants said this was "M'koo-m'bemboo", a river monster. 1932

Africa, Central Africa: Kasai valley: A Swedish plantation overseer was out hunting in the Vally when he saw a creature estimated at 48 feet long, with a lizard-like head and tail. It had killed a rhino and was crunching on his dinner. Johanson, the overseer could hear the crunching of the rhino's bones. He tried to get a picture, but the creature got away by diving into a swamp. He got some pictures before it took off, and although they weren't clear, 1932.


Ain-El Turck: A small man with glowing eyes was seen on the beach, October 24, 1954.

Benoud area: A giant snake 120 feet long was supposedly killed by nomads and French soldiers.

Jean Mermoz: A domed UFO giving off yellow and blue searchlight-like beams was seen October 20, 1954.


Assumbo Mountains: A zoologist saw a giant bat or pterodactyl-type creature. 1932.

Lake Barombi Mbo, Kimba: Children saw two monsters in the lake with necks 12 to 15 feet above the water. 1948 or 1949.

Nsimalen: The Virgin Mary reportedly appeared here. She was seen by seven teenagers over a period of nine days. "We could see her on the tree tops dressed in pure white. She was accompanied by men also dressed in white. They appeared to be floating in the air." a witness said. Many thousands of people from all over the country flocked to the site which is now a shrine and still attracts many visitors. The tree on which the Virgin Mary is said to have perched, now known as the tree of peace: has apparently great healing powers. Its bark is boiled with water from one of the many holy pools below the sanctuary and taken by the sick. Miracles and miracle cures have been reported May 1986, ongoing?

Central African Republic:

Bocaranga area: Eight men watched a UFO or UFO's for about a half an hour on November 22, 1952.


Former Belgian Congo (then): A Belgian in charge of railway construction was charged by an unknown creature. He fired at it, which didn't deter it. It chased him until it tired, and he was able to get a clear look at it. "About 24 feet long, with a long pointed snout adorned with tusks like horns and a short horn above the nostrils. The front feet were like those of a horse, and the hind hooves were cloven. There was a scaly lump on the monster's shoulders." A prominent naturalist, Bernard Heuvelmans said that the animal described resembled the Triceratops. It was reported seen someplace else in the Congo, and had been trailed by a Belgian big game hunter. This set off a wave of expeditions and rewards for this critter, dead or alive, including one apparently from the Smithsonian Institution. A Captain Stevens, in search of this creature, apparently found it and said it was actually a Brontosaurus. 1919-1920.

Lake Tele & Likouala-Aux-Herbes River: A lake monster known as "Mokele-mbembe" has been reported here. This has been speculated to be some creature that 's survived from prehistoric times.


Shoubra (Cairo): Thousands of people saw the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the roof of the Church of St. Damiana in Papadoplo: March 1986.

Zeitoun (Cairo): Thousands of people witness luminous apparitions above a church (some saying this was another appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary) April 1968 - Mary 1971.


Libreville: A fisherman saw a UFO land, an entity came out. It didn't stay long; made some unintelligible noises returned to the UFO and took off, leaving footprints behind. December 25, 1963.


Bungalow Beach: A carcass of a strange sea creature washed ashore on June 1983.

Ivory Coast:

Abidjan area: A little man, with long reddish fur and long hair on his head was seen here. (There were no pygmies living in this area).

Aboro, Abidjan: Blood spurted from house walls on March 12, 1985.


Kisanana: Red and black fish fell from the sky during a thunderstorm, April 1978.

Machakos: Over a 6 month period, stones rained onto a house; no explanation where they came from. (No one was seen throwing them, etc). Beginning December 23, 1982.

Ngoliba: Hominoids (possibly prehistoric people still surviving) seen in various forests by numerous witnesses.

Kenya (somewhere unspecified): Unidentified forest dwelling creatures seen here; his eyes, his nose and mouth were that of a man, and his face was uncovered by hair, but his forehead was very low. Primitive, undiscovered hominid or undiscovered or misidentified ape? 1978.

Nairobi: About 6,000 worshippers here believe they saw Christ. The tall figure of a bare-footed, white-robed and bearded man appeared from nowhere and stood in the middle of the crowd, whom he addressed in clear unaccented Swahili. Many healings reportedly took place -- twenty cripples walked again. He then departed in as mysterious a manner as he appeared. June 11, 1988.


Mamora Forest: An engineer in a car saw a small being enter a UFO, which then took off. October 12, 1954.

Oved Beth: A truck driver saw a circular, flat UFO flying over Beth River-it flipped over, landed on its edge in a field. It then rose and flew off at a great rate of speed. November 3, 1954.

Sahara Desert (rather vague address!) It rained frogs somewhere in the Sahara in December 1977.`


Katsina: A fireball/ball lightning? appeared inside a house with mud walls and one little window.1956.

South Africa:

DeRust-Uniondale: Dawie van Jaarsveld picked up a female hitchhiker on his motorcycle. He gave her a helmet, and an earplug for a transistor radio. (remember those?) She didn't talk to him, unlike the pilot of Lakenheath AFB, England, but she did mumble. Anyway, he drove on only to notice she'd disappeared, and the earplug jack was somehow back in his ear, even though he was wearing a helmet. April, 1978.

Hermanus: Snake like creature, 120 feet long with saucer- like eyes seen. It's blackish-brown in color, and covered with long hair. It was spotted in 1903 by fishermen who watched as it got rather close to their boat. It raised its head about 20' out of the water, looked them over for a minute or so, and then dived away.


Tanzania(somewhere in) : Little men, hairy and about 4 feet tall known as "Agogwe" have been seen here.

Dar es Salaam: A butterfly fish bought in the market, reportedly had natural Arabic writing on it that said "Divine Universal Truth. There is none but God to be worshipped." 1965.


Hwange Game Reserve: Four men going home saw a bright light; it came down and two men came out of the top and floated to the ground. The witnesses then ran away. 1983.

La Rochelle (near Mutare): A UFO or ball of fire came to an estate. Men in silver coveralls were seen, a bright light from their heads caused the witness to fall down. August 15, 1981.

Lake McIlwaine: A pilot and a student in a small plane saw a silver UFO, about 40 feet long. It hovered, turned on its' side and shot off quickly. July 26, 1954.