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Ever Wonder What Wierd Things Have Happened In Your Town? (Or where to go sea monster watching)



Comilla: Thousands of little fish fell during a heavy storm sometime during WWII.

Mandalay: Rice fell from the sky, January 1952.

Mekong River: Tall, dark, hairy 'monkey-men' seen near the Burma/Thailand/Laos border; July 1969.


Changbai (Manchuria): Lake Monster; about 6' long, black, reptilian, oval head and long neck. 1980.

Chongquing (Chungking): A peasant in the fields saw an entity with a huge head, wearing a one-piece garment, which looked metallic and was shiny. The witness fled and when he turned around to take a second look, the creature was gone. August, 1971.

Dongting Lake (Hunan): Cries for help are supposed to come from a rock in the middle of the lake.

Gaoligon Mountain Region: Go the the 'Mysterious Lakes" and shout. Apparently you then get rained on, and the louder you yell, the heavier the rain. The longer you yell, the longer the rain. 1981 (but continuing?)

Lake Hanas: Lake monsters tentatively identified as 'giant red salmon' over 30 feet long seen at various times. 1930's to 1985.

Lanzhou (Gansu): A student saw a luminous black entity in a garden, two days later two others saw him. July 29, 1974.

Meishan (Sichuan): Noisy, reddish-orange UFO was seen hovering from 12:00 to 12:30 am. March 7, 1987.

Nagano City: In 1987 images of Maitreya began appearing in the home of Mr and Mrs Yajima in Nagano City. One of the images not only emanates a rainbow-coloured light but even changes its appearance. On 4 July 1987, an image of the Bodhisattva, emanating rainbow-coloured light, was discovered on the bathroom window in the house of Mr and Mrs Yajima. Various other images show here; people have been showed with gold glitter-like stuff, and Mrs. Yajima has apparently acquired the ability to heal people. Ongoing?

Nanking area: China and Japan were at war..the Japanese were advancing on Nanking. The Chinese commander, Colonel Li Fu Shen decided to make a stand in some hills near the Yangtze River. The next day, the commander tried to make radio contact with his troops as they were deployed along various positions, but was unable to reach them. He drove off to investigate, and found his entire force of 3,000 men gone. He found one position still occupied by 100 of his troops, and they'd heard no troop movement, no sounds of an attack. (If the rest of this force had surrendered to the advancing Japanese, surely their movements would have been heard. Same if they had moved to another location, in addition to making contact with their CO.) They were written off as casualties of war; but even after the war, Japanese reports make no mention of having engaged, or captured the men of this force. Where'd they go? December 1937. (see Turkey, Gallipoli Peninsula)

Qiaoshiang Commune (Hubei): A woman cutting fodder for pigs saw a red, hairy creature rubbing its' back against a tree and primate hairs were later collected. June 19, 1976.

Qing Xian (Hebei Province): A UFO with a dome and giving out white light was seen flying 15-20 feet about the ground in September 1943.

Shanghai: A statue of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in a church near Shanghai wept for three days in 1953.

Shennongjia Mountains: Many, many sightings of 'wild men' recorded since the 1920's.

Tong-Eul-Kiou: The remains of the Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta were found perfectly preserved 8 years after her death. April, 1913.

Wuxi: A 100 pound block of ice crashed from the sky onto a street. It was apparently of meteoric origin. April 11, 1983.

Yunan Province: Soldiers killed and ATE! a Yeti-type creature in 1962.

Hong Kong:

Hang Hau area (Sai Kung): Unidentified cat-like animal seen by several people. October and December, 1976.

Offshore: Sea monster seen, by people on the beach. It was black with green eyes, 20 to 30 feet long and made a 'crying noise.' March, 1969.


Allahabad: Fish fell from the sky here, they were dead and dried. 1836

Calcutta: A Boeing 747 coming in to land was paced by a round, bright 'pink neon' UFO on July 16, 1977.

Calcutta: A huge bright UFO surrounded by colored lights crossed over the cty on three nights in November 1986.

Dhubri (Assam): Possible UFO landing in a field, October 1, 1954.

Feridpoor: It rained some sort of fish here. Some were fresh and whole, and others were decaying. February 19, 1830.

Futtepoor: It rained dead and drying fish here on Mary 16, 1833.

Goalpara: Some coal-type substance fell here in 1867.

Northern Kashmir: Workers on a sheep farm heard and saw a 4 foot 'hairy Yeti" type thing. It attacked a boy, who hit it with a pot. January 1987.

Madras: A woman saw an 8 foot tall humanoid creature with 'shiny skin.' She then saw a yellow-red object rising in the sky.( No indication of how these two related.) July 1, 1976.

Meerut: It rained some sort of fish here July 1824.

Moradabad: It rained some sort of fish here in July 1826, and again on July 20, 1829.

Nadana: Water began gushing out of a deserted tubewell in September 1992. Some local villagers who bathed in the water reported that the "medicinal" and "magical" qualities of the well cured their skin diseases. Word quickly spread, and now a constant stream of people visits the village daily to gain the benefits of the water. Ongoing?

Rajket: It rained grain over a large area during a thunderstorm here. The grain came from someplace other than India, as the witnesses didn't recognized the type of grain that fell. March 24, 1840.

Rajkote: It rained heavily here, and fish fell with the rain. July 25, 1850.

Rajpunta: A "carbonaceous substance" fell here on January 22, 1911.

Sundarbans: Huge monitor lizards up to 20' long are rumored to have survived here.


Lake Patenggang (Java): Reports of a lake monster here.

Dortrecht:(Sumatra) Small stones fell slowely inside a hourse. September 1903.

Mount Kaba (Sumatra): A man lost in a forest saw a creature about 5'9" tall covered in short hair. It jumped into a tree and it may have been a "Sedapa," a man/beast. 1917.

Palembang (Sumatra) In a swampy forest, a man hunting wild pigs saw a dark, hairy creature in a tree. He got close to it and decided it was a "Sedapa." October 1923.


Akita City: Virgin Mary statue dripped water from the right hand on 1973. The same statue later shed tears and sweat in 1975.

Hokkaido: Has an "Okiku-Chan" doll that's been in Mannen Temple since 1938 when it's owner died. It's got hair that grows and is cut annually in a special ceremony. This hair has been analyzed and is in fact human hair.

Fijishiro: A bank manager and 2 others were driving, saw a black car ahead of them disappear in a puff of black smoke. November 19, 1963.

Tokyo: Phantom soldiers were seen in Nari Shrine in summer of 1979.


Mount Everest: Yeti footprints found by a climbing expedition at (about 17,600 feet.) February 1980.

Himalayas: Another climbing expedition somewhere in the Himalayas (12, 200 feet) found tracks, which walked through their camp overnight on December 18, 1972.

Hinku Valley: John Edwards, leading another climbing expedition, heard a strange scream and found prints (at 17,250 feet). November 1979.

Marche (near Pheriche) A native girl tending a yak herd was knocked out by a Yeti. It was 4-5 feet tall and covered with hair. It also killed the yaks while he was at it. July 1974.

Pangboche: A lamasery here has/had was was supposed to be the hand of a yeti. In 1959, Peter Byrne (1959 Slick expedition member) got a look at it. He partially disassembled it, replaced a thumb and finger with actual human parts, and swiped the yeti parts. They were then carried out of Nepal, and then smuggled out of India (customs being tougher in India, I guess). Anthropologists came to mixed conclusions, it appeared to be 'less than fully human'; possibly Neanderthal man. Blood tests showed the blood type was no known primate or human.

Zemu Glacier: A Yeti was seen pulling up flowers and left 6-7 inch long footprints behind (15,000 feet). 1925.

Zemu Glacier: Lord Hunt (who's been climbing for many years and seen multiple incidents of tracks or vocal noises) saw tracks (19,000 feet) 1937.


Quetta: A pile of hot metal fell from the sky (someone saw it fall) in a large haystack. It started a 2 day fire. I don't know if it burned itself out or was extinguished. Anyway, when it went out, what was left was about 5 tons of glassy slag. January 25, 1923.


Tunguska: Scientists are still speculating over what happened here. Something descended here, a dazzling fireball, followed by a tremendous explosion. What exploded here, incinerating forests within an 11 mile radius of the blast? Trees were knocked down up to 25 miles away, and you could hear the explosion up to 600 MILES away. It's been estimated the energy expended was the equivalent of a very powerful nuclear blast. June 30, 1908.

Siberia somewhere: A Russian hunter was out in the forest when he ran into huge tracks in mud. They were about 2 feet across and 18 inches long, and appeared to be oval. He followed the tracks for days, occasionally finding huge piles of dung. He found traces of another one, with churned up mud; then the two sets of tracks went along together. He eventually found what had to be two mammoths; dark chestnut hair, huge tusks, slow moving. 1918.

South Korea:

Inchon: Men on a ship saw two UFO's hit the water off Inchon, December 1950.

Pusan: A 'washtub sized' object was seen to fall into the sea off Pusan. It sank after a while, glowing while it did. January 15, 1956.


Tibet somewhere: Chinese Communists opened a shrine which contained the body of Tsong Kha-pa, a Tibetan Buddist leader. The body was reportedly still warm, and undecayed even though he died in 1419.


Gallipoli Pennisula (Suvla Bay): A British regiment, the First Fourth Norfolk prepared to attack Hill 60. We're talking over a thousand soldiers here. They marched uphill, to the top of Hill 60, which was covered by a mass of low clouds. There was a light breeze and it was a warm, otherwise clear day. The regiment marched uphill into these clouds and (most) were never seen again. Although this incident happened in 1915, some bodies from this regiment were found in 1920. The regiment was assumed to be casualties of war, with the bodies not located having died in a POW camp somewhere. But if they'd fought for this hill that day, wouldn't bodies been noticed a bit sooner than five years? Or the survivors having arrived in a POW camp recorded or reported somewhere? .August 28, 1915. (see China, Nanking)

USSR: (Or what used to be, because I don't know where most of these places are, now):

Kourianof: Some yellow stuff fell from the sky here. It covered an area of 600 or 700 square feet, around two inches deep. When torn, it had the 'tenacity of cotton." It was "resinous and yellowish, when put in water, it had the consistency of resin, and was elastic. March 1832.

Meshehera: It rained money here during a storm. 1940

Orenburg: Another fall of unspecified black insects during a snowstorm. December 14, 1830.

Pakroff: An 'immense' number of (unspecified) black insects fell during a snowstorm. 1827.