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A "Yowie" is the local name for what we call "Bigfoot" in the states.

(Not sure what region):

Bouganville Reef: A pilot photographed a UFO which paced his plane on May 28, 1965.

Boulia-Winton: Occasional appearances of the Min-Min light.

Freemantle: Has it ghosts: see Fremantle Ghost Walks:

Mandurah: A weird entity was caught on a farm here. It was about 22" tall, big eyes, a wide slit of a mouth, and its' skin glistened. It was evidently not human at all and couldn't be mistaken for human. It was evidently caught in the house and dragged outside in a net and released. 1930.

New South Wales:

Bourke Exploring the Darling River, a party heard the sound of heavy gunfire in the area, which wasn't settled at that time (1829). They agreed it sounded like cannonfire, and could find no explanation. (This type of phenonemon has been since named skyquakes.) February 7, 1829.

Boyd Town Beach, near Eden : The carcass of an unknown sea creature was found here; 8 feet long, with a horse-like head May 1935. (see also Narooma)

Cessnock: A farmer saw a 30 foot long monitor lizard in the scrub here. December 27, 1975.

Coff's Harbor: It rained frogs here (in a very small area) in 1944.

Concord, (Sydney): Oil began to ooze from the statue of a Lebanese saint, St. Charbal. A crucifix touched with the oil later began dripping blood and oil.(date and duration unknown). A picture of St. Charbal also dripped oil, beginning March 15, 1985 and continued for a week.

Dunoon: Three boys saw two "Yowies" in scrub brush near the hills here in May 1981.

Emerald Beach: A truck driver saw a bright circular UFO rise up near the highway at night. It had flames along the bottom. It then began to descend, and the witness drove away in fear. The site was investigated 3 years later. Burned tree limbs and circles of poor grass growth were found. June 1970.

Ewingsdale: It rained thousands of frogs here in April 1939.

Fernvale: A UFO passed overhead here, lighting up the valley. Domed, and disc-shaped, it landed nearby and a circle of scorched grass was found the next day. 1927.

Forster area: A striped creature, possibly a thylacine (thought to be extinct) was seen here in January 1979.

Grose Valley: One or more Yowie sightings occurred here in 1976.

Hawkesbury River: A gigantic dark animal has been seen more than once seen in the river here. It had two large humps, two sets of flippers and a tail. The head then surfaced, revealing snake-like features and the neck extended 9' above the water. May 1979

Huskisson: A multi-colored "fireball?" 10 feet in diameter burst through the wall of a hotel bar on March 19, 1978.

Lismore: A pilot was flying near Lismore when suddenly, he "sighted a large black object flying over the Lismore area. It was flying (at) about 30,000 feet (9,090 meters), heading from east to west or (bearing) 110 degrees. This huge black object left behind the biggest (condensation) trail he had ever seen. He added that it was bigger than ten (Boeing) 747s and had a speed beyond that of something for its size. 4:30 p.m. September 29, 1997

 Narooma: A sea creature's carcass was found here in 1935, similar to the one found in Boyd Town Beach.

 Hawkesbury River: A river monster seen here described as having two humps, two sets of flippers, a tail. It has a snake-like head, with a long neck. Several sightings in the 1970's.

Huskisson: A multi-colored fireball 10 feet in diameter burst through the walls of a hotel bar on March 19, 1978.

Kempsey: An apparent 'wave' of UFO activity happened here in 1971.

Lismore: A cross in a cemetery glowed brightly at night for no apparent reason, until it was wrecked by vandals. (1918 to around 1978). There's a lake monster in a lagoon north of here that's been sighted since the beginning of the century. It's furry, pretty small, 3-6 feet long, a barrel-shaped body, a dog-like head with small ears. It has/had a voice described as 'whiny."

Orange: A UFO landed on a farm here on May 26, 1977.

Pambula area: A man hunting saw a Yowie and shot it in the back, apparently without hurting it. It ran off, on two legs. 1977

Port Stephens: A sea monster has been seen here. Described as long-necked, 5 humps visible, and it was a dirty yellow color. February 2, 1925.

Randwick: It rained worms here in 1927.

Quirindi: It rained fish here November 12, 1913.

Scarborough: A 80 foot long sea monster has been seen here.

Singleton: It rained shrimp here in 1918.

Stockton: February 1970-the owners moved out of thier house because of the weird noises, toys were moving by themselves, beds formerly made would be messed up.

Sydney: A woman noticed a beautiful pink cloud that was motionless in the sky. Looking an hour later, the cloud was moving in her direction. (She was looking from a hill or mountaintop house). The cloud moved below her level, so she got to look down on it. She saw a round, white object inside the pink cloud. It had vents, which gave out gray steam, when turned pink. Apparently, the round thing was making its own pink cloud. Then she was able to hear an engine-like sound, and a ladder dropped from the underside. (I'm not sure how she could see this, if it was below here). A humanlike figure climbed down the ladder, while a searchlight was directed toward the ocean. A pink flare shot out of the water out to sea, the ladder was pulled in, and the object moved out toward the sea. The witness saw a long shape in the water, and both vanished in a vivid pink flash! Spring, 1965.

Wattagan Mountains: A number of sightings of 30 foot long monitor lizards has been spotted here for over a hundred years. Recent sightings in 1975 and 1979.

Northern Territory:

Alice Spring:Area:A witness claimed to have seen "a 9-foot-tall (2.8 meters) black creature covered with short hair on the side of the road about 15 miles southwest of Alice Springs." Upon seeing Mr. Evan's vehicle, "the beast jumped sideways and lumbered off into the sparsely vegetated desert." August 1997.

Corroboree Rock (near Alice Springs). A visitor to this Aboriginal site took a picture and the developed picture showed a figure not in the scene when the photograph was taken. 1959.

Darwin: A sea monster with a long neck and over 75 feet long was seen in Bynoe Harbor here in February 1980.

Killarney Station: It rained fish here 3 times in two weeks in February 1974.

Melville Island: A sea monster was seen in this vicinity. Described as about 40 feet long, with a huge head. June 1916.

Tanimi Desert: About 400 miles (640 kilometers) south of Darwin a farmer was awakened at 3 a.m. by "a terrible screeching noise... like nothing she had ever heard before just outside her bedroom window." When she went to check it out, "she was overwhelmed by a disgustingly foul odor that made her dry reach . At the same time, she saw a '7-foot-tall dark-coloured creature with his hair about the length of my hand, no neck and long arms crash through her back fence." Australian police found numerous Bigfoot-type tracks on the property and a two-inch irrigation pipe that had nearly been chewed through. Some in Australia theorize that the recent drought has forced the Yowie population of the N.T. into inhabited areas in search of water 1997?

Wave Hill Station: It rained hundreds of fish in 1951.


Cairns: A crocodile attacked a man here in May 1983. It then escaped into -yes-a storm drain!

Cunnamulla: A strange 'aircraft' was sighted here. It had no windows, made no noise and had an unusual wing configuration, and the RAAF claimed there were no planes were in the area, or at least any that fit that description. September 1984.

 Emerald: A black panther was seen here in September 1979. And a Yowie chased a witness here in August 1979. The witness was apparently in his car (or got into it) and the Yowie pushed against the car, bouncing it up and down.

 Eton Range: 3 people saw a UFO, circular and about 30' in diameter, was spotted. It made a buzzing type noise, and carried another disc type object. It left landing traces that were found by police. May 23, 1965.

Hook Island: A sea monster was photographed by Robert le Serrec on December 12, 1964. It resembled a huge tadpole, 70-80 feet long.

Horseshoe Lagoon: (near Tully): A Grey-blue UFO about 24 feet in diameter was sighted here. It rose from the lagoon and flew off. January 1966.

Kilcoy: Two teenagers out camping saw a Yowie and found large footprints. January 19, 1966.

Laidley, (Toowoomba District) It rained crabs here May 12, 1930.

Mount Taborine: Three people on horseback were chased by a large grey Yowie up on the slopes of the mountain. May 1981

Nambour area: A boy saw a little disc about a foot in diameter, hovering. It hummed and was surrounded by a whitish mist. The boy later felt ill and developed large blisters on his hands. 1932 or 1933.

Nebo area: Strange lights were seen in the trees, and an unexplanable explosion was heard on March 22, 1975.

Prince of Wales Island: A red UFO apparently landed here July 15, 1959.

 Springbrook (Gold Coast): A 7 foot tall Yowie was seen here in 1978.

Townsville: A sea monster was sighted beyond Fairway Beacon. It had 3 visible humps covered with scales. September 1934.

Warwick: It rained gudgeon here in 1901.

South Australia:

Stuart Range: A giant reptile was seen here in 1931.


Boobyalla: A huge bananna shaped UFO was seen here May 25, 1974.

Cressy: A 300 foot long dull gray cigar shaped machine dropped out a cloud here, during a rainstorm. According to witnesses, five or six objects measuring about 30 feet across appeared out of the cloud around and above this object. The big object went on for a while, then the littler ones moved back into the cloud cover. October 4, 1960.

Interview River area: A nasty storm apparently washed up the huge, fur-covered carcass of some unidentified animal. About 20 feet in diameter and circular shaped, it was covered with short, bristly brown hair and had thick, tough skin. It was declared not to be a whale; or any other known animal, for that matter. July 1960.

Kettering: A man saw an object coming down out of the sky and went to see. He saw a dome-shaped UFO with a bright light coming from portholes. It hummed and then took off. The man came back the next day and found burned grass in a circular pattern. February 1976.

Lune River: An undentified creature seen here February 1986. It was speculated to be a thylacine (thought to be extinct) or a Tasmanian wolf.

Murchison Highway (between Queenstown and Burnie): Possible UFO sighting; a woman saw a bright green light on August 20, 1979. Her watch stopped, as did the her car. The green light vanished several minutes later, at which time her watch started working, her car and radio started again.

Lake Sorell: Three UFO's were spotted here, and shined a bright light on the lake before vanishing in a flash. February 26, 1975.

Port Arthur: Has its ghosts. See Port Arthur Ghost Tours:

Salisbury (Tasmania?): : A oval shaped UFO landed here, and a small entity in a helmet and possibly breathing apparatus, was seen walking around its' craft. February 4, 1963.

West Coast: Mining officials saw a four-legged sea monster on shore here on April 20, 1913.


Bass Strait: Two planes were searching for a missing ship here in 1920. One plane flew into a large cloud and was not seen again. The ship was never found, either.

Bass Strait: A RAAF bomber flying at 4500 feet was paced by a "dark shadow" alongside, with flames erupting from its' end. For 18-20 minutes, the radio and direction finding equipment refused to function, returning when the UFO sped away. February 1944.

Bass Strait: Fredrick Valentich was flying to King Island from Victoria. He radioed he's seen a 'large aircraft' that caused him to report engine trouble and a temporary radio blackout. A loud 'metallic' noise was then heard, and he and his plane were never found. No plane wreckage was ever found, either. October 21, 1978.

Benambra: A possible thylacine was seen crossing the road in December 1972.

Gunyan (near Trafalgar): A large feline about 6 feet long was seen here November, 1933.

Laurisior Reservoir: (Kyneton) A mystery creature was spotted in the water several times, moving at quick speed in August-September, 1949.

Melbourne: Obviously has its ghosts, although I don't know anything about them (yet). Melbourne Ghost Tour is at

Ran Head: A sea monster was seen here by a ships crew. It was 30-35 feet long, 4 fins about 5 feet high, with a large head. July 13, 1902.

Rosedale: A UFO was seen hovering over a water tank on a farm, taking on 10, 000 gallons of water. It apparently also landed at some point, because itt left behind landing marks that were found later. September 30, 1980.

Wonthaggi: Two USO's were seen offshore here and the Navy was unable to identify them. April 11, 1965.

New Zealand:

Blenheim: A woman was milking cows when she saw a UFO 30' in diameter, with jets emitting flames and two bright green lights. It had a glass dome, under which was two entities. It flew off quickly, making a high-pitched noise. July 13, 1959.

Brooklyn (Wellington): A house was showered with stones and some coins for three days in March 1963.

Christchurch (30 miles east) A Japanese fishing boat brought up a mystery sea creature in April 1977.

Christchurch: A few dozen witnesses in the Port Hills section of Christchurch,reported seeing "two eye-shaped objects traveling from south to north" over the seaport city "at approximately 80 to 100 miles per hour at an approximate altitude of 3,500 feet." The sky at the time was mostly clear with some light clouds and wind gusts of up to 80 knots. "The objects appeared to be 12-plus feet (4 meters) across in size." The UFOs "appeared to be shaped like human eyes. In the center was a silver ball, and the outer areas were black and tapered off to a point. The objects traveled above light cloud in blue sky, and there were heavy gusts of wind at the time." November 12, 1997

Dundein: At about 10:30 p.m., several residents of Dunedin, spotted two bright white UFOs in the sky. According to newspaper reports, "A number of people reported sighting two very bright white illuminations crossing the sky, following each other, from west of Dunedin." The UFOs halted in mid-air "for some time and then moved off to the east, until out of sight." October 25, 1997 

Kaipara Harbor: A USO 100' long was spotted in January 12, 1965.

 Lyttleton (24miles off): Another Japanese fishing boat saw a creature looking like a "hippopotamus" on April 28, 1971.

Rugged Island: Fishermen saw a UFO emerging from the water on November 13, 1965.

Lake Taupo: Lake monster reportedly seen in 1980.

Waimata Valley (near Gisborne): A farmer saw a UFO on the ground. Apparently a hatch was open, because the interior was described a bright red. Two beings were attempting to take his dogs. He fired a gun at them..they dropped the dogs. (And presumably left). December 2, 1977.