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Ever Wonder What Wierd Things Have Happened In Your Town? (Or where to go sea monster watching)



Brno: Soldiers here watched a light in the sky which would disappear, then re-appear somewhere else. It was tracked on radar, and planes whent after it. When a jet would approach, it would disappear. It played tag for an hour or so, then it vanished. 1960.

Hotiansky-Nemce: A retired pilot saw a UFO travelling at speed over the mountains in April 1955.

Kosice: Glowing red and black spheres were seen hovering over towns in this area on September 1, 1965.

Lnar: A number of UFO's were sighted here on August 14, 1965.

Schichowitz: Three girls saw appearances of the Blessed VIrgin Mary in June and July, 1948.

Mount Snezka: A couple climbing the mountain got lost in a snowstorm. They were led to safety by a shining blue ball which appeared near them. November 1977.

Snopousov: A woman and her grandchildren saw two domed UFO's which descended, remained motionless in the sky for several minutes; gave off some smoke and then left. July 1, 1966.

Tatra Mountains: A man and a boy were followed by mysterious showers of rocks, outdoor and indoors on August 11, 1927.


Chalupy, (Hel Peninsula): A man saw two entities in green suits, and a misty, silvery disc-shaped UFO hovering nearby. August 8, 1981.

Emilcin: Jan Wolsky was abducted from here by a UFO on May 10, 1978.

Ernestowo: A couple out duck-hunting saw a huge steel-colored 'cigar' hovering in the sky. It's front windows glowed with an orange light. Then it disappeared rapidly. August 29, 1979.

Kolobrzeg: Soldiers saw a triangular UFO about 12 feet wide rise out of the Baltic; it circled above their barracks, then vanished rapidly. March 1959.

Lublin: A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a cathedral wept blood for two days in July 1949.

Lake Zegrelynski: Swimmers in the lake saw a 20 foot long sea monster with a black head and rabbit like ears in July 1982.


Cluj: A crowd say a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 1948.

Cluj area: Four people picnicking in the woods saw a round, metalic UFO and Emil Barnea took some pictures. August 18, 1968.

Neamt: The grave of a monk buried there exuded a pleasant odor (ongoing?) May 23, 1986.

Petrila Petrosani: A circular silvery UFO was seen. It had a dome with antennae on top, and rotated as it flew off. November 22, 1967.

Scaieni: A group of children watched some strange colored lights for an hour or so; burn marks and increased radioactivity was found later. (I don't know if this landed, hovered or what). March 29, 1976.

USSR (what used to be, anyway)

Gorki Area, (former USSR): Silver coins fell during a storm. June 17, 1940.


Belgrade: Astronomers watched a orange-red object for 15 minutes, December 21, 1968.

Belgrade: Many witnesses saw a oval reddish UFO fly overhead, emitting beams or flames. July 11, 1970.

Komovi Forest: UFO's were seen in the area, and supposedly caused a forest fire (in rainy weather). November 26, 1967.

Medjugorje: The Blessed Virgin Mary makes another round of appearances! June 24, 1981 through the late 1980's.

Pasman (Dalmatia): The Virgin Mary shows up again, crowned with stars, in a cloud. Several people witnessed this. June 11, 1946.

Rijeka: A UFO was sighted visually and tracked on radar in October 1971.

Sremcica: An explosion was heard, trees were burned, and a crater was formed. In it was an oval object, 8 inches in diameter, ribbed, dark grey, possibly made of magnesium. February 18, 1969.