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Can't afford an offering to the Gods this month? Well, get a job, you lazy mutt!

Dear folks:

I have a very small (but growing) list of possible employers. I can't make any guarentees about any of them, so you must decide for yourself. If you have any feedback about any of these companies, good or bad, PLEASE email me. I'd also appreciate hearing about bad addresses, or address changes.

There are a number of other companies, but I've chosen to add only the ones I have some information about. I'm getting new information all the time, so I hope to add more names and further details to this list in the future.

Assemble stuff at home:

There's always a certain amount of caution needed when dealing with home assembly things. 1) You need to pay them to sign up. Bummer. 2) You don't know who you are actually dealing with. 3) There's always the chance that after you've carefully made the items, sent them back and are eagerly awaiting your bucks, they refuse to pay you because 'the products aren't up to their exacting standards' or some other similiar crap. Comments good or bad appreciated.

1. San Francisco Jewelry Company: POB 10267, San Rafael, CA. 94912.

They pay you for assemble jewelry for them. I believe it's beadwork, but I haven't heard from them yet, so I don't have rates or details. Send a Long, SASE for info.

2. Sandcastle Creations: P.O. Box 563, Newport, OR. 97365 (503) 265-2499 email:

I read on a craft message board that they possibly buy your craft-type creations, and they possibly have some sort of home assembly program. I think it's cleaning the hair they use for their dolls. Write or call for details. (If you write, enclose a SASE).

3. Holiday Magic: P.O. Box 882314, San Francisco, CA. 94188.

I believe they have a year round Christmas ornament assembly program. I've written for details, but haven't received an answer yet. (That was 2 months ago, too). Write for details, and enclose a SASE..

4. Miniwork: Box 47, Winkelman, AZ. 85292

They offer some sort of assembly work, (I believe it's making flowers). Send a SASE and request details.

5. CENTRAL-SHIPPER, INC., 46 Star Lake Ave., Bloomington, NJ 07404

Assembly: receive piece rates for putting swatch cards together. (This might be a local opportunity for NJ homeworkers?) Send SASE for details.

6. California Handicrafts: P.O. Box 2023, Dept. 24. Malibu, CA. 90265

They make (rather, have you make) plant hangers. Send SASE for details

7. N. Roland: Box 350, Dept. 19, Elwood, NJ. 08217.

8. Artisan: P.O. Box 3487-C, Ellicott City, MD. 21041

Make beaded jewelry. Send a SASE for information.

9. Stuff-4-Kids: P.O. Box 1060, El Toro, CA. 92630.

Make baby bibs. Their ad claims you can make up to 456.00 a week. OK...

Stuff Envelopes, Mail Circulars:

There's always plenty of pro and con about envelope stuffing going around. I've never done it and have no personal comments. The overall consensis seems to be that they are spend XXX amount of money, only to find they expect you to 'secure' your own envelopes. Which means you need to advertise, tack paper to telephone poles, or whatever. On the other hand, if you're willing to accept that this 'job' may require imagination and advertising, it might be OK. Personal experiences are welcomed, please email me with good or bad!

1. Worldwide, Box 62, Powell, TN . 37849

Has some envelope stuffing thing going; I have no specific details.

2. Successful Systems; P.O. Box 815, Dept. MM-2, Horace Harding Station, Flushing, NY, NY, 11362.

$1.00 for every envelope, %50 commission on orders.( I'm assuming you need to place ads in order to "secure envelopes for them.").

3. Superior: (#350-A), Box 7, Bedford Park, IL. 60499.

They pay you to mail circulars. I have no other details, and don't know if they expect you to pay for advertising.

4. MG Enterprises: 3335 N. Academy Blvd. #402, Colorado Springs, CO. 80917 (716) 387-8327

Start Your Own Business With The Help of These Companies:

1. The Mellinger Co. 6100 Variel Ave. Dept. M1102. Woodland Hills, CA. 91367-3779.

2. Anka Co. Dept. MM291, 90 Greenwich Ave. Warwick, RI. 02886.

3. Vinyl Industral Products: Dept. 512, 2021 Monntrose, Chicago, IL. 60618 (1 800-621-0660)

4. Specialty Merchandise Corp. 9401 DeSoto Ave. Dept. 723-112 , Chatsworth, CA. 91311-4991

5. Badge-A-Minit: 1-800-223-4103

6. New Concept: Dept. 703, P.O. Box 6756, Laguna Niguel, CA. 92607-6756

Not Sure It It's Assembly or Start Your Own Business:

1. NOWCO INTERNATIONAL, INC., 1 George Ave., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705.

These folks do something regarding gift baskets. Again, I'm not sure if this is a home work chance, or if its' " start your own business in gift baskets." Send SASE for details.

2. Lynette Company: 6251 Mentor Park Blvd. Mentor, OH. 44060

They may have multiple opportunities: send a SASE and request details. It somehow involves plastercrafts and wall placques, but I'm not sure if they tell you how to make $ in this field, or if you are getting paid for assembling their items.

Make Your Own Stuff and Have Them Buy It From You:

Take pictures of whatever product you hope to sell, and write a letter explaining what you make, how much you want for it, enclose the picture and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Good luck!

1. Gallery of Handmade Treasures. (401) 539-0591.

They want to buy your quality handcrafted stuff .

2. Custom Crafts: 54 Pembroke Road, Danbury, CT. 06810.


1. ARBITRON RATINGS, INC., 3312 Marshall Ave., Laurel, MD 20707.

This company hires telephone interviewers. Send SASE for details.

2. Edwards: Box 467159FT, Atlanta, GA. 31146

Their ad says 'we buy newspaper articles." They want to sell you a book on how to make money clipping articles. After you send them their $, they also appear to buy certain types of articles. The book gives lists on who else buys the articles and ads.. $25.00 plus 4.95 postage. Send a SASE for details.

Spare Change on the Internet: (it won't cost you anything to try..but don't count on these for an income).

1. Register with somebody like BonusMail. (It doesn't cost anything). They send you emails that direct you to check out various special offers. You get points for reading the email or visiting the site. You get more points if you like the offer and actually buy or subscribe, or whatever. Eventually, you rack up enough points and you can trade them in for merchandise, gift certificates, etc.

BonusMail, E-Mail That                      Rewards You!

2. You can TRY filling out surveys.

You sign up with companies that do surveys. You give them info about yourself and what you like. If you fit the criteria for any surveys they may be conducting, they may select you to be part of they survey. My husband has signed up with a couple of companies a year ago, and has yet to be part of a paying survey. . On the other hand, YOU could be just the person everyone wants an opinion from, and actually make a few bucks. Just search for "Marketing Research."

3. You could TRY Mystery Shopping.

I would be wary regarding those "You could make $24.00 an hour Mystery our Guide Now!" ads. You can sign up for Mystery Shopping all over the think carefully before you give somebody your hard earned cash for some Guide to something you can locate for yourself. Of course, a Guidebook may have some valuable tips on how to increase your ability to get Mystery Shopping assignments. Just consider before buying...and search the Net for Mystery Shopping.

Please note, Mystery Shopping is somewhat like answering surveys for money. IF some company happens to need a shopper in your area, and IF you happen to be the sort of person who would shop there you MIGHT get the assignment. So don't assume you can sign up and make 24.00 an hour x 40 hours = a lot of money a week, on a REGULAR basis.

Miscellaneous Pro and Con Statements:

1. A.R.D.L Engineering:

You can find advertising all over the Net for "Assemble CD Modulators at home..we pay $7.50 for each one assembled. " I wrote these guys for info, because it sounded good to me. As an informational note; they want $250.00 as a start up fee. They may be a perfectly respectable company, with a valid homebased employment opportunity. However, I've seen two negative comments about them on the Web. Anyone have any personal experiences with them, good or bad? I'd love to have them.

Join my Update Service! Email me: I'll tell you how it works. Actually, I'll tell you how it works now. You send me $5.00 and I'll give you a bigger (but less detailed) list of companies. If you write to any of these names and get a bogus address, or address change, you email me. I'll be able to get more updated information that way. I'm sending away constantly for more info as well.. Every so often, I update the master list, and let you know.

When all else Fails: Get a Real Job! Here's a step in that direction, and good luck!

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