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Austria (somewhere): The British Ambassador to Francis I of Austria, Benjamin Bathhurst, walked around his horses and vanished into thin air. His secretary and valet were standing right there, on the other side of the horses. Benjamin was never seen again. The British accused Napoleon of somehow engineering his disappearance. His reply was that even his secret police couldn't make a man vanish into thin air in front of two witnesses. November 25, 1809. (see Gallatin, TN)

Rauris: The Tatzelwurm (giant lizard?) seen in the summer of 1921.


Banneaux: The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared; January-March 1933.

Beauring: The Blessed Virgin Mary showed up 33 times to five children, beginning November 29, 1932.

Brussels: A wierd luminous area 25 feet long was seen in a street. It changed colors, vibrated, changed shape and moved away, it appeared to be formed of tiny luminous particles. January 24, 1970.

Etterbeek: Small black stones that were sticky fell from the sky for a few seconds on July 12, 1975.

Huy: A cigar-shaped UFO landed and witnesses saw two entities on board. October 9, 1954.

River Maas (near Ombret): A three foot 'crocodile was seen in the river. August 6, 1979.

Marcinelle: 300 little stones were thrown at a house for four days. No cause was found, although the police investigated. January 30, 1913-February 2, 1913.

Sart: Substance that smelled like glue fell from the sky on June 8, 1901.

Warneton area: A man driving at night saw a landed UFO in a field. Two entities approached his car, both were wearing helmets. They apparently tried to communicate, and then returned to the UFO. January 7,. 1954.

Wilsele: Rains of stones fell on four houses here in May-June 1973.


Lake Fureso: Several 1 inch planks were splintered and a boat was briefly lifted out of the water at a private pier. No idea what type of fish caused this. February 1944.

Sonderborg: A mechanic saw a UFO land and he became paralysed. Birds stopped singing, cows became immobile. Four beings in black wearing helmets emerged, and the UFO had a deck upon which other entities appeared to be making repairs of some sort. Eight other objects came out and hovered before flying away. June 19, 1951

Svendborg: A man on a bicycle was chased by a disc shaped UFO, luminous and made of glass (or something similiar). He saw it clearly (ha-ha) because it was only 20 feet above ground. April 15, 1959.


Regarding big cat sightings: "Felis silvestris grampia" is a small wildcat native to the British Isles. The experts believe it only now lives in Scotland and some isolated regions of Northern England. Wildlife experts believe that "Felis silvestris" is not likely to be the creature seen in British 'big cat' sightings.

England: Edmund Halley observed 'a great light in the sky all of southern England, many miles high. He discovered the comet named after him, so he certainly qualified as a trained observer. 1677. In 1716, he also saw something that illuminated the sky for two hours, bright enough to read by. After two hours, he says the light was renewed, 'as if new fueld had been cast in a fire."

U.K. Ghost Tours: Covers a lot of places in the U.K.


Bristol: Hazelnuts fell from the sky in March, 1977

Bristol: An aerial UFO was seen here. It reportedly caught an anchor in a church steeple, and the occupant of the ship went down a ladder was 'burned and asphyxiated' by the earth's atmosphere. (I've also read that the entity was stoned to death by the locals.) 1270.

Bristol: It rained money here in September 1956.


Dunstable: An old house here is supposedly haunted by an old man in Victorian clothing; possibly a former resident who went mad.


Bisham Priory: Haunted by Dame Elizabeth Hoby. She apparently killed her son by 1) locking him in his room to do his homework. Then she ran off to attend Queen Elizabeth (the first, naturally) at court. When she came back several days later, she found him dead. Or 2): she hit him so hard when he was having trouble with his schoolwork, that she accidentally killed him. She's been drifting around the place ever since.

Sunningdale: At 7:50 p.m., residents gathered on Cobham Common to watch a bright light hover over the nearby town of Camberley, Surrey. "Its altitude was at cloud level (10,000 feet or 3,030 meters--J.T.)," one witness reported. "The sky was broken cloud and dry at the time." The UFO "appeared as a very bright, magnesium-white cylindrical object of about the same size and speed of an aircraft. It was far too bright to be a conventional aircraft. It was pointing at 45 degrees going down and travelling north. It then changed shape and elongated to over twice its original size." The UFO continued its northward descent and then "began stretching until it formed a crescent moon shape--like a C." After that, it disappeared. August 30, 1997

Thatcham: A ghost of an old woman appears in a farmhouse here, and a ghost voice has been heard to say "Mind my pie!"

Windsor: The ghost of Cardinal Wolsey(!) has been seen in a house here, Easter in the 1920's.

Wokingham: Eggs fell from the sky on December, 1974. (That must have been messy!)

Yattendon: Yattondon Rectory: reported to be haunted by two ghosts. "Mrs. It" dressed in 18th century clothes, took an interest in the family that lived in the Rectory. When the daughter was getting married, "Mrs. It" was seen inspecting the wedding gifts and looking at other preparations. The other ghost was a younger appearing woman. Unfortunately, this place was apparently exorcised in the 1960's and they haven't appeared since. (see "Ghosts and Hauntings" by Dennis Bardens).


Linton: A psychic named Matthew saw a ghost in his house in 1971. The ghost apologized for scaring the witness, and stayed around long enough for the witness to draw a sketch (apparently 'posing' for this). The witness saw him again a year or so later, and 'shook' hands (which the witness didn't feel). Our witness didn't see him many times, but was able to communicate through writing. (The ghost would apparently write through Matthew's hand). And Matthew was also able to get tape recordings of various noises happening in the house, even though those activities weren't going on at the time. See "The Strangers" by Matthew Manning.

Sawston Hall : Queen Mary (Tudor) is supposed to haunt the Tapestry Room here.

Soham: A factory here seems to be haunted.


Chester: St. John's Church. A phantom monk has been seen here a few times, and he talked in what might have been German. The witness did not realize this wasn't a living person at the time. December 1973.

Chester: A ghostly monk spoke to a man who was going home at night, December 1973.

Dodleston: Ken Webster had a poem show up on his computer screen. He then got more communications, in Late Middle English. pparently, a man named Thomas Harden lived in the house in the mid-16th century, and decided to communicate with Ken. Thomas later took to writing on paper, and using chalk on the floor, as well as the using the computer. Ken started answering these messages in some manner, and eventually wrote a book about it. (See "The Vertical Plane" by Ken Webster).


Falmouth: (off the coast): A sea monster name "Morgawr" has been sighted in this area numerous times. It's your "typical" sea monster, long neck, humped body. It's been photographed on occasion, one showing it to be an estimated 15-18 feet long.

Redruth: Little snails fell from the sky during a heavy thunderstorm on July 8, 1886.


Charford Manor: The hotel cellars are haunted by an elderly man. He apparently moves bottles and may have also been seen in the dining room. Early 1980's.

Honiton: Children on Marlpit's Hill saw the ghost of a man who may have been killed in the Battle of Sedgemoor. 1904.

Ladram Bay: A small cove here is possibly the site of continuing nasty, depressing feelings. Two researchers here were gripped by an irrational fear and intense depression for no particular reason. ( I can't say if this is an ongoing event or a one-time occurrence).

Widecombe: An Asian Leopard was shot by a farmer in April 1988.


Okehamton Castle: A phantom coach is supposedly seen here, on an old road between Tavistock and Okehampton. This particular coach is made of human bones; the remains the husbands of Lady Howard, who murdered all four of them. The Lady herself rides beside the coach, accompanied by her ghostly dog. The dog is supposed to pull out a blade of grass from Okehamton Park, and the whole spectral procession will continue until all the grass in the park is pulled out. Apparently she's destined to ride forever, never attaining eternal rest.

Topsham Brailford: The school principal went outside and saw weird prints in the snow. They looked like horsehoes and were about four inches long. The distance between prints was 8 1/2". They went in a straight line, (not two, side by side, but one print only). He followed the tracks, and they went all over the place. Over garden walls, without disturbing the snow. They found these tracks all over the S. Devon coast, not just this one village. In some places, they went over rooftops. They'd go up to something solid and re-appear on the other side of the obstacle (or go over it). February 1855. (see Kerguelen Island, Antarctic).

S. Moulton: The "Beast of Exmoor" apparently roams around this area, with numerous sightings since the 1970's. It's described as a huge, jet-black cat, 8 feet long from nose to tail. Some witnesses claim it's tan, and a couple of sightings are two cats, one black, one tan, travelling together. Whatever it's color, the Beast of Exmoor apparently accounted for about 100 sheep in a 10-month period, ripping out their throats.



Hadleigh: A entire phantom Georgian house was seen here about 1946.


Barton-On-Sea: A man and wife out golfing got rained on by humdreds of live fish, and from a cloudless sky, no less. 1948.


Colney Heath: A stone fell from the sky, near a witness. A huge clap of thunder was heard, and it hit the ground with sufficient impact to sink three feet into the dirt. It weighed almost 6 pounds, crystal with rounded granules of nickel bearing iron. An expert from the British Museum of Natural History decided "it was not of meteoric origin." March 1912.


Bridlington: A fishing boat here was haunted or possessed. The radar whacked out frequently, the steering sent the ship in circles. The lights went on and off by themselves and a ghostly figure was seen on deck. An exorcism was done, successfully, and everything now behaves itself. December 1987.


Ramsgate: It rained pennies in bursts for about 15 minutes here. No planes were overhead, and there weren't any tall buildings for a hoaxer to throwing them from. December, 1968

Reculver: This was built over what used to be an old Roman settlement. The villagers used to heard children's cries in a clump of trees, which they avoided. Excavations taking place in the 1960's revealed children's bones, speculated to be sacrifices used in building the original Roman foundations.

Upton: A witness camping out in a tent during a gale saw round "gobules of fire" bouncing around in the tops of the trees. 1927.


Lancashire: Talk show host Tony Newman of Red Rose Radio at 999MW received over 30 calls from listeners, who claimed to have seen UFOs flying over Lancashire the previous night. Two calls came from men identifying themselves as sailors aboard the HMS Shetland (P298), which was on a cruise in the Irish Sea west of Lancashire. The men reported that "a bright light was approaching the ship." The UFO paced the 60-meter (198-foot) vessel for a few minutes before flying away. Other callers to the Newman show reported "anomalous lights and spinning discs" over Burnley, Blackpool, Crosby, Southport and Bamber Bridge. October 10, 1997

Morecambe: Someone picked up a Houston, Texas (US) station, KLEE-TV. However, those letters hadn't been used in three years or so. (Bounced back from outer space?) September 1953, and November 23, 1955.


Breedon-on-the-Hill: A driver was injured when a lump of metal fell from the sky, and going through his windshield. The airport nearby said there were no planes in the vicinity at the time. August, 1987.


Bourne: A ghostly baby was heard crying in a public house here. Although the owner's wife did have a young baby, they heard the ghostly baby at times when her own baby wasn't present.

Denton area: A phantom horseman was seen here on January 28th and 29th, 1967.

Greater London:

 Hampstead Heath: A young seal was caught in a pond here in November 1926.

London (Kensington) St. Mark's Road and Cambridge Gardens: A phantom double decker bus had been seen here since the 1930's. There's been numerous accidents as cars swerve to avoid this bus, which then vanished. Apparently, there had been a very sharp turn here. The road authorities decided to straighten out this part of the road (I don't know when...60's,. 70's?). Apparently the phantom bus wasn't seen after the road was altered. Somewhere, there's a very lost phantom bus...

London: Possible UFO-an observer saw a light in the dark part of the moon described as 'light like a star, as large as a star, in the dark part of the moon." 1794.

London: A spherical shaped UFO was observed rising up through the clouds here on March 19, 1847.

London: Looking for ghosts? Try London Ghost Tours by the Late Thomas Bodie.

London, Drury Lane Theatre: Reportedly haunted by a friendly, helpful ghost who likes to help the actors. He's been known to give encouraging pats to nervous performers, and held one woman's hand comfortingly while she auditioned for a part (which she got).

London, Oxleas Wood, Shooters Hill: A truck driver saw a leopard run in front of his truck. July 18, 1963.


Bastwick: Every May 31at midnight, a phantom coach supposedly sets out from Bastwick and drives around the countryside. The coach appears to be on fire and some say there are passengers inside who are skeletons.. The coach eventually crashs into a bridge and into the water. (Legend states that in 1741 Sir Godfrey Haslitt of Baswick married Evelyn, Lady Montefiore. The marriage was arranged by the bride's mom, apparently with diabolic help. After the wedding festivities were over, the Devil claimed all of them.).

Eccles: A man saw a cheetah here in July 1987.

Hunstanton: A partially fused piece of metal fell on a house during a thunderstorm. 1930.


Rufford Abbey: A ghost in monks garb, carrying a crucifix has been seen here, 1942.


Magdalen College, Oxford: Ghosts have been seen here (no details yet).


Stoke Dry: The parish church here is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a woman imprisioned here and staved to death for witchcraft.


Bridgnorth area: A couple out for a walk saw a phantom, ruined building. September 21, 1978.

 Chatwall: A ghostly horse and rider was seen here on Easter, 1965.


Somerset, somewhere: Cannard's Grave Inn: The innkeeper (Cannard) evidently used to ambush travellers and engage in smuggling , in addition to running his Inn. He got found out and hung himself. He was buried at the crossroads, and haunts the spot.

Bridgwater: Charred peat was found in a garden after a witness saw something bright falling from the sky and hearing a loud noise. Summer 1978.

Exmoor: Big cats seen on the moor at various times , and sheep were being killed. The cat(s) tentitively identified as a lynx. 1983.

Forde Abbey: Haunted by its former Abbot, Thomas Chard. He was thrown out of his beloved Abbey, by that fun-loving monarch, Henry VIII. He's apparently decided he's not getting evicted a second time.

Wychanger Barton: A red-hot, 12-inch long cylinder fell through someone's roof and there were no planes overhead at the time. September 1987.

S. Yorkshire:

Kilnhurst: A mystery voice was heard on a cassette tape in August 1986.

Rotherham: Bruce B. was outdoors in Rotherham when he "looked up through his north- facing arbor" and "saw a flame--a fiery, green-orange thing moving from left to right and downward. He said it had flames on it, and he thought it was going to crash three-quarters of a mile (0.7 kilometers) away." 8:30 p.m.December 1, 1997

Rotherham: Silverwood Collery: A ghost was seen in a coal mine here In August 1986.


Lakenheath AFB : A US serviceman gave a lift to an RAF pilot hitching a ride. The pilot asked for a cigarette and a lighter. The driver turned away, and when he looked again, the pilot was gone and the lighter was on the seat. 1951.

Newmarket: The racetrack here is supposedly haunted by Fred Archer, a jockey who died in 1886. His ghost and phantom horse have been blamed for startling horses running this track, causing them to stumble or shy.

Woolpit: Two odd children arrived here.. walking out of a cave. They were apparently normal kids, except they were green. The boy died, but the girl lived and said she was from a place with no sunlight. She and her brother wandered into a cave, looking after their sheep. They'd emerged in a sunny land in England, to their surprise. They refused to eat anything except green beans. The girl eventually got used to other food, and her green color faded. (See Banjos, Spain-an almost identical event). Sometime in the 11th century.


 Thames Ditton: It rained something here-possibly sulphur? It was described as a 'shower of fire' and cast a 'brilliant light' that lasted for 10 mintes. P uddles were discovered that were covered with a deposit of sulphur. October 18, 1867. Obviously, no plane was responsible for this one!


Sussex somewhere: Several round UFO's were observed for a hour as they moved across the sky. They had 'spokes like a wheel". August 11, 1955.

 Tyne & Wear:

Dunston: Factory workers heard toilets flushing by themselves, locked doors banging. They claimed to hear someone screaming "Maria." 1974

West Midlands:

Aston, Birmingham: Warm, stocky rock fell from a clear sky on May 12, 1969.

Coventry area: Man walking on a country lane saw 'soap bubbles' moving against the wind, Summer 1952.


Littlecote Manor: Supposedly haunted by several ghosts, including "Wicked Will Darrell," a charming fellow who apparently threw his baby son in a fire right after he was born. He managed to escape justice for this; and eventually was killed after being thrown from his horse. He reportedly haunts that spot; and the bedchamber where the delivery took place occasionally echoes with screams of the midwife, the mother of the baby, or the baby itself.


Haworth: The Toby Jug restaurant is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of Emily Bronte. She's said to show up every December 19.


Bulwick Rectory, Northampton: There was a unexplained rumbling sound heard here (like wagons) for about 15 minutes. July 16, 1850. Then on July 19, 1850, there was unexplained black rain.

Digby: The churchyard is apparently haunted by a man on a grey pony. However, try this: find the grave of someone named Robert Cooke. If you run around his grave backwards 12 times, and then listen, you are supposed to hear the rattling of cups and saucers in his grave.

Greenwich: Greenwich Observatory reported seeing a large green disc on November 17, 1882.

Hardwick Hall: Children saw the ghost of a smiling man carrying a tray of tankards. 1934.

Hunstanton: A partially fused iron bar hit a chimney in 1930; it apparently fell from the sky. Poundstock: A man spoke to a priest, who answered back. The man walked on, only to find out later the priest was dead. (A very substantial ghost here). March 2, 1971.

Marlsford: A black rain of some unknown stuff fell here September 4 and 5th, 1873.

Redding, (near Manchester): (St. Elisabeth's Church) It rained coins in the Church's vicinity apparently on and off all day. Children would find coins on the street, and run off to the candy store. The owner thought the kids might be stealing from the poor box in the church and he called the Reverend. No money was missing, and the children all swore the coins seemed to come out of the sky. May 28, 1982

Sidmouth: During a violent thunderstorm, ball lightening, fireball, whatever.."a red ball of fire" appeared above the city, crackled a bit, and then exploded with a 'deafening roar.' 2,500 TV sets in the area were 'cut off.' August 12, 1970.

Stowmarket: A man here spotted a dozen fairies dancing in a ring on a moonlit night. The tallest was about 3 feet tall, and their clothing sparkled. They made no noise as they danced. He left, not wanting to be seen, and needing a witness. When he returned, they were gone. 1842

Warminster (15 miles or so from Stonehenge): A woman was driving her boyfriend home and they neared a railroad bridge near Heytesbury, Wiltshire. They saw (in the beam of their headlights) a body by the side of the road, with its legs in the road. They stopped and went to render assistance. The body had vanished. On the way back, the woman saw another weird thing here; a large orange ball that rose into the sky. Then two figures walked toward her, on the road. They wore dark clothes, some sort of headgear, and the lower half of them was wet. (The account doesn't say whether these guys were phantoms or real). A month later, someone else saw another phantom victim here; a tall figure wearing a mask. He staggered out of a hedge, apparently covered in blood. The witnesses stopped their car, and when they turned to go to the victim, he'd vanished. October and November, 1965.

Wolverhampton: Small black stones rained here June 1860.


Helsinki: Two women rode in an elevator with the ex-President of Finland, Dr. Juho Kusti Paasikivi. They conversed briefly with him-which is no big deal except he'd died about 4 months before this. April 1957.


Agen: A cloud, perfectly round, small, and slow moving was seen in an otherwise clear sky. It was motionless in the sky; then went southward, while spinning and making rumbling noises. Then it exploded, raining down rocks. What was left of the cloud stopped, and slowly faded away. There doesn't appear to be any suggestion it was anything other than a very odd cloud. September 5, 1814.

Alais: Something fell from the sky here that appeared to be some type of coal. March 15, 1806.

Arles-sur-Tech: A 1700 year old stone sarcophagus produces pure water somehow, which is removed by a little pump. The tomb is raised from the floor or ground, and they can't figure out where the water comes from. The water is used in healing. Apparently ongoing.

Ars: The body of the Cure of Ars was exhumed 45 years after his death. His body was "well preserved." June 17, 1904.

Bourges: It rained 1000 franc notes in 1957.

Brignoles: Thousands of small toads fell from the sky during a storm on September 25, 1973.

Canet-Plage: Thousands of pea sized frogs fell from the sky here August 28, 1977.

Chablis, Yonne: A panther was seen here in early 1980.

Chatillon-sur-Seine: A reddish substance described as 'thick, viscous and putrid' fell from the sky here March 17, 1669.

Clairvaux: It rained leaves here on a clear and still day, for 1/2 an hour. April 7, 1894 (see Pontcarre)

Crollon, Manche: Children saw three apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1933.

Deux Sevres: A child touched ball lightning with his/her foot; it then exploded, killing 11 nearby cows, but leaving the kid unhurt. 1904.

Draguignan, Provence: Two pilots saw an "elongated egg" that glowed white travelling at a high rate of speed. October 6, 1952.

Dugny: Three workers in a chalk works saw an apparition of Mary and the Infant Jesus in August, 1951.

Entreveux: A man broke a plaster statue of St. Anne and human blood flowed from the detached hand. 1954.

Epinal (Vosges) Sheep and cows were being killed by a mystery animal in 1977.

Ferdrupt, (Vosges): Two children had avision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with beams eminating from her hands. March 2, 1928.

Gaillac: A cigar shaped UFO was seen here with 10 pairs of discs accompanying it. They hovered over the town, with quantities of 'angel hair' falling from them. October 27, 1952.

Grazac: Some substance fell from the sky here-when burned, it gave off a "bituminous" odor. August 10, 1885.

Gulf of Porto (Corsica): Fishermen saw a sea monster estimated at 200 feet long here in October 1907.

Lachaud, Correze: A farmer in a field heard a bang, then felt some sticky 'dust' falling on him. He got second degree burns on his arms, hands and face; then developed dizziness, vision problems and anemia. July 15, 1966.

Lourdes: The water in the shrine here has been used for healing since 1858, when the place opened for business-thanks to the Virgin Mary.

Marseilles: A large red disc was seen hovering over the city on August 1, 1871.

Mirebeau: A picture of Christ in a church began to bleed from the hands, heart and head. Subsequent tests showed the blood to be human. 1911.

Montauban: Some substance fell from the sky that looked like lignite here on May 14, 1864. It apparently fell in 18 or 20 chunks, rather than 'raining' over a spread out area.

Morange-Silvange (Moselle): A 3 foot tall kangaroo was seen here.

Mortagne: Larval beetles fell here sometime in May, 1858.

Ossum: A giant lizard 'several yards' long was spotted here at various times.

Oudon: It rained some lavender colored mysterious substance here in December 19, 1903.

Nancy: It rained ants here on July 21, 1887.

Nimes: Something in hailstones, that reportedly had an orange-like taste, was tentatively identified as nitric acid. June 1842.

Paris: A crocodile was found in the sewers here on March 8, 1984.

Paris: A French astronomer observed some glowing tubular UFO over Paris on October 10, 1864.

Pontcarre: It rained leaves here on a clear and still day, for 1/2 an hour. April 11, 1894. (Clairvaux)

Puys, (near Dieppe): Two women on vacation here heard sounds of what appeared to them to be a ghostly re-enaction of a World War II air raid. August 4, 1951.

Quaroubles: A UFO landed near a mans' house. He went to investigate when his dog started freaking out. He saw two 'tiny' entities in diver-type suits, with some helmet device over their heads. They shined a bright light at him when he turned to shut the garden gate and this immobilized him. When the light went off seconds later, the entities and the craft were gone. September 10, 1954.

Remiremont: (this is too wierd): A hailstorm was followed by a second storm. Hailstones fell from the sky, some as big as eggs or tomatoes.. They fell from 5:30 to 6:15 and someone picked some up. All the stones she'd picked up were found to have a portrait of (presumably) the Virgin Mary indented or carved into the "front" of the hailstone. May 26, 1907.

River Rhone: River monster seen here at various times in the 1950's and early 1960's.

St. Quentin, (Aisne): Red droplets of blood appeared on a houses' walls, carpets and beds; a sound of breaking crockery was heard in the kitchen. January 1986.

Toulouse: It rained little toads here (from a cloud but with no rain) August 1804.

Trans En Provence: A UFO landed in a man's garden here in February 8, 1981.

Valensole, (Bases-Alpes): A witness saw a UFO land in his field, and was paralyzed by two small (4') tall entities who pointed some device at him. July 1, 1965.

Vernon: A huge cigar shaped something, 300 feet long, was seen hovering vertically over the Seine River. A 'horizontal disc' dropped from the bottom of this thing, swaying and diving in the air. Other objects dropped out of the bottom of this cigar shaped thing over the next 45 minutes. August 23, 1954.

Versailles: A very famous incident occurred here in 1901: Annie Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain were visiting and saw Versailles as it had appeared in the 1770's. Other people have claimed to have seen this, too.

Villesang, (Puy-de-Dome) Possible lake monster here.


Bad Ems: A scout was out looking for wood. He cut into a tree stump, revealing a cavity with a toad in it, May 1975.

Bavarian Alps: The Tatzelwurm (unidentified giant reptile) seen somewhere here.

Coblentz: A glowing something crashed into a field at night. Two men were walking nearby. They noted the spot and came back during daylight. They found a grey jelly that shook when they poked it. October 8, 1844.

Colmar: Something dark, rounded at one end, pointed at the other, making a low-pitched noise, was seen on April 6, 1856.

Cologne area: A crocodile was found in the washroom on the Munich-Cologne express on February 1973. It apparently didn't have a ticket.

Eichstatt: Pure water exuded from the sarcophagus of St. Walburga and is used for healing. October through February, apparently an ongoing event.

Gotha: A meteorite apparently fell here, leaving a jelly-like substance on the ground. September 6, 1835.

Haganau: A pilot during WWII was cruising at 10,000 feet, when two bright lights came up from the ground. They levelled off near the plane, and tailed it. Huge, bright orange lights, and apparently under control.

Hamburg: More than 30 people saw a bear walking around Hamburg in September, 1974. No bears reported missing from any zoos.

Hamburg: A puma was also roaming the streets, and no one claimed to have misplaced their pet puma. July-August 1982.

Hasselbach: A UFO landed here and the witnesses described seeing 'little men, 3 to 3 1/2 feet tall, in shiny coverall-type garments and helmets.'

Heede: Four young girls saw the Blessed Virgin Mary approximately 100 times between November 1, 1937-1940.

Heidelberg: A meteorite exploded (?) here and a jelly-type substance fell from it. July, 1811.

Katterbach: A U.S. Army Officer's Club is haunted by the ghosts of Luftwaffe pilots. 1976

Kempton (near Dusseldorf): A 6-foot long icicle fell from the sky, hitting and killing a carpenter who was working on a roof. 1951.

Limburg: A clergyman picked up 2000 marks in backnotes which fell from the sky for no apparent reason, in 1976.

Memel: Some black, damp, smelly stuff fell here alone with normal snow. This stuff smelled 'disagreeable, like rotten seaweed' when wet, but was odorless when dry. 1686

Neubrandenburg: Two monkeys were seen roaming around and none were reported missing from any zoo. November 1938.

Nordenau: A spring of very pure water discovered in a cave in a disused slate mine here. The land belongs to Theo Tommes, whose Hotel Tommes lies below the quarry. The water was discovered in January 1992 and now hundreds of people daily visit the cave, which is becoming Germany?s Lourdes. (Aside from the fact that the water is 'very pure' I wonder why this is reportedly creating miracles.) January 1992 and ongoing?

Nuremberg: Circular disc shaped UFO's were observed here. They appeared to fall to the ground as if it was "all on fire and everything was consumed amid a great haze." 1561.

Paderborn: It rained torrential rains, and then and hundreds of mussels. This was said to come from a rapidly moving yellow cloud. August 9, 1892.

Saarlouis: A puma sighted by several people (none reported missing from collections, zoos, etc). March-April 1988.

Timmensdorf: A flying disc as long as a football field reportedly crashed near Timmensdorf. Twelve ET bodies were found inside. Their blood was not red, but a viscous greenish fluid. (No idea where these guys are now..the German equivelent of Area 51? )1961.

Ulm: It rained something thick, viscous red substance here, sometime in 1812.

Wildenstein Castle (Near Heilbronn): This castle is haunted by several ghosts. A woman in white has been seen in a bathroom, phantom music heard. The ghost of a dead child is also seen.


Asteroussia Mountains (Crete): Three kids saw a giant bat-like thing flying low. It had bat-type wings, finger-like projections, sharp claws; a pelicans' beak and was reminiscent of a pterodactyl. Summer, 1986.

Athens: An icon in the Church of the Holy Trinity (Russian Orthodox) cried: March 1969.

Navplion: It rained little green frogs during a rainstorm, 1981.

Ireland: (Not yet organized into Counties-sorry!)

Ballinspittle: (Cork) A statue of Mary was seen to move. July, 1985. January 11, 1939 to 1946. (I don't know if that's 7 appearances on January 11th only).

Between Ballingarry and Kilfinney (near Rathkeale): a boy met and talked to fairies in 1938.

Cahore Point (Wexford): A Long necked sea monster seen; it moved like a big worm. January 23, 1976.

Castlecommon: Some sort of thick black rain fell here on April 30, 1887.

Curlieu Mountains: (Roscommon) : A UFO reportedly crashed landed in a lake in this area in May of 1996. Apparently a retrieval team closed off area, and took possession of the UFO and several entities which were supposed to be on board. There's been lots of new construction, roads and plenty of helicoptor activity.

Dublin (Dublin) Flying disc 10" in diameter landed and a curious child was actually burned by it. November, 1952. Hook Head: A huge lizard like monster with a long neck, humped back, 20 or more feet long was seen by fishermen in 1975.

Dublin: It rained hazelnuts "in great quantities and with great force" here in May 9, 1867.

Duncannon(Wexford): An unknown object dropped out of the sky at a high rate of speed. It glittered, was about the size of a baseball and was studded with little spikes about 4" long. It created a hole 18" inches deep and 3 feet in diameter when it landed. The authorities photographed it and took it away. September 1962. (see Harrisburg, NC).

Fahy (Galway): Apparitions of the Virgin Mary have been seen inside the Church of Our Lady. On 2 June two girls from Cork first saw the Virgin on the wall at the side of the altar. Meanwhile, coachloads continue to descend on this latest sighting of the Virgin in Ireland. 1990 and ongoing?

Grangecon (Wicklow) A statue of the Madonna here weeps blood. The Post Mistress Mary Murray keeps her statue in a back room of the Post Office The painted statue stands about 12 inches high and is housed in a sealed glass case. Mary herself has not yet agreed to have the tears chemically tested, being unwilling to open the case and disturb the statue. 1994 and ongoing?

Kenmare: (County Kerry): A witness and his wife were driving from Kenmare to Rosslare on Highway N72 in County Kerry, Eire when they spied a UFO. It was described as an array of hexagonal-shaped lights about 400-600 feet off the ground.It hovered over the road, passed to the left of the road and paced their car on a parallel course. He described the UFO as " whitish/light blue in color, seemed to be rotating in an eccentric pattern on two or more levels."1:00 a.m., August 30, 1997

Kerrytown: (Donegal) Villagers often saw the shining apparition of the Virgin Mary above the cliffs.

Kilkenny: Something fell from the sky here in 1695 that resembled butter, but smelled bad.

Kilkerrin Bay: A sea monster sighted; 6' long neck and a brown hairy body. 1914.

Killakee(Dublin) : Killakee House (apparently now an Arts Center). This place houses a big black phantom cat, the size of a middle sized dog. Sightings of a huge black cat have occurred sporadically for 50 years or so.

Lake Bran (Kerry): Black creature seen; 10' long, reptilian or dragon-like. Summer of 1979. In 1940 a similar thing was seen on the shore; seen out of water it had 4 short legs.

Lough Abisdealy (Galway): Long necked black creature with a snake-like body was seen in 1914. A huge eel-like thing has been seen crawling out of the lake also.

Lough Auna: A humped monster 30-40' long seen

Lough Dubh: A teacher and her son saw a lake monster, short thick legs, face resembling that of a hippo. It apparently tried to get out the lake and attack the son. March, 1962.

Lough Nahodin (Galway): A water monster was seen February 22, 1968. Perhaps eel-like, it had multiple humps, a flat tail, two horn-like projections on its' head, and no visible eyes. It was approximately 12' long.

Lough Ree: (Roscommon) 3 priests saw a long-necked monster swimming 100' yards away. May 18, 1960.

Mutton Island, (Galway): A fisherman shot and killed a 48 foot long sea monster. It was 28 feet around in the middle. May 5, 1935.


Italy: An astronomer here observed 'a vast body apparently bigger than the moon' passed over Italy. It made a hissing sound, and then a noise like the rattling of a great cart over stones.' The professor estimated its speed as it passed at 160 miles a second. March, 1676 He even wrote to Edmund Halley (of Halley's Comet fame) about it. Apparently, Halley was fairly amazed, until he saw a couple of UFO's of his own. (see England).

Ancona: : Luminous UFOs were seen at four locations around the city of Ancona, on Italy's Adriatic Sea coastline. A luminous object was observed from various places in the province of Ancona. November 3, 1997.

Assisi: Crowds saw a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary move on February 11, 1948. Bari: The bones of St. Nicholas exude pure water with is used for healing.

Bologna: the Blessed Clelia joins in the prayers and hymns of her fellow nuns. She died in 1870 and promised she wouldn't leave them.

Brescia: A farmer found what appeared to be the tracks of a huge chicken in June 1985.

Capri: An artist saw a UFO land and 4 small entities in coveralls came out. They stayed outside for a half an hour, then left. October 17, 1954.

Civitavecchia: A small icon of the Madonna brought from Medjugorje weeps tears of blood. The statue was first seen weeping tears of blood, which was found to be human, in early 1995. Reportedly a couple of people have received miraculous healings here. Ongoing?

Forli: A 15' reptile chased a person here in July 1969.

Genoa: Some sort of yellow stuff fell from the sky here, February 14, 1870.

Genoa: Something resembling coal and resinous, fell here February 17, 18 and 19th, 1941.

Giarre (Sicily): A photograph of the Blessed Virgin Mary wept; August 21, 1954.

Goro: A 10' "snake with legs" was seen in the summer of 1975.

Macerata: A number of small, dark red clouds built up, and a storm started. It rained seeds over a large area. When this was investigated more, the seeds were found to be all from a plant that grows in Central Africa and the Antilles. ...and bunches of these seeds were sprouting. Summer, 1897.

Maropati: A painting of the Madonna in a lawyer's residence started bleeding. It bleed regularly for a while, then apparently became for sporatic. It was placed in a locked box, where it continued to bleed. It was analyzed as human blood, and no explanation was found. January 1971.

Messignadi: Red rain fell here that was identified as bird blood by experts. However, there were no accompanying bird parts. (Maybe the birds committed aerial suicide by slitting their wrists?) May 15, 1980.

Milan: The body of Cardinal Schuster was exhumed 31 years after his death; his body was found to be incorruptable. February 1985.

Naples: Blood of St. Januarius (kept in 2 small vials) liquifies several times annually during ceremonies held in his honor. (Apparently a regular event).

Naples: A flammable carbonaceous substance fell, along with sand here on March 14, 1818.

Naples: An astronomer here reported seeing a number of luminous objects that left trails of some sort in the sky. May 11, 1845.

Niscima (Sicily): Statue of the Madonna wept tears of blood; it continued when it was placed in a sealed glass case. Began August 30, 1980.

Oliveto Citra: The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to twin brothers and they claim to have gotten a recording of her voice. (No date here!)

Pescara: A plate with the pictures of Pope John XXIII and John Kennedy wept blood. January 1974. (I don't know which picture bled or if both did).

Piacenza: Eels fell from the sky on June 9, 1957.

Polverigi area: Two hunters saw a fusiform object of grey color pass by quickly and silently over their heads. November 1997.

Posatora: Ten people on a promenade observed for several seconds a luminous green ball with a yellow tail in the sky." .The same luminous green UFO was also seen in Senigallia and Porto Recanati, two seaside towns close to Ancona. November 4, 1997

Ragusa (Sicily): A bright disc shaped UFO was seen moving through the sky in the early morning on October 26, 1853.

Ripalda: A picture of the Shroud of Turin began to bleed (the face streamed with blood). It began December 1958. I don't know if this is a continuing phenonemon or not.

San Nicolo Comelico, Belluno: A city official in San Nicolo Comelico, and his family watched a hovering UFO for four hours. He described the object as "a pale luminous light at first" and "it left at 8:30 that evening, rapidly taking off, changing its form to that of a spinning top that seemed to emit a blue smoke from its underside." October 16, 1997

Savona: (off the coast): A UFO was seen to emerge from the sea, June 3, 1961.

Siracusa:(Sicily Two teenaged boys spotted a UFO over their hometown of Siracusa, a port city in Sicily on the Golfo di Augusta Grabbing a 35mm camera, the boys shot several photos "of an object of discoidal form" as it "moved about in an erratic manner through the skies above Siracusa." The UFO also "periodically halted in mid-air" from time to time. They described the object as having the shiny reflective surface "of the glass of a window." 4 .m., November 15, 1997

Syracuse (Sicily): A limestone crucifix began to bleed. 1972.

Terni: Pedestrians in Terni, a city in the Monti Sabini mountain range , spotted a strange luminous object flying across the evening sky. The UFO was described as "a luminous white object in the form of a pointed arch." Witnesses said the UFO "made a swift passage" through the sky over Terni "along a horizontal trajectory." 6:15 p.m. December 14, 1997

Torrigula (near Genoa): A man saw a UFO and a 9' tall 'person' and lost track of some time. He had other encounters later. Eventually under hypnosis he recalled being abducted . December 1978, twice; July 30, 1979 and December 2, 1979.

Tuscany: It rained red-orange hail here March 14, 1873.

Udine area: Several people saw a giant snake 12' long and it made a whistling type noise. Summer 1963.


Kayl: The Virgin Mary appeared to several people. Novermber 1, 1947.


Vorstenbosch: Three children saw an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, June 27, 1947.

Zandvoort: Sea monster sightings in 1906.


Bergen: (In a nearby bay): A dying squid with tentacles 24 feet long was found in August, 1983.

Christiania: Something possibly like coal fell here in June 13, 1822.

Christiania: Sometime during the winter of 1876, worms were found crawling around on the snow. This was/is considered odd, because the ground was frozen solid, eliminating the possibility they'd come from below. Did they fall from the sky?

Hassdalen Valley: Ghost lights were seen here and were the subject of study. They appeared in different shapes; cigar, round, or like upside-down Christmas trees. They would sometimes hover, or move away at a high rate of speed, and display reactions that were almost knowing. November 1981-1986.

Lake Suldal: A lake monster is reported to be living here.

Leka: A 5 year old girl, weighing 42 pounds, was carried for more than a mile by a huge eagle. It dropped her on a ledge. Rescuers later found her, asleep and unharmed. Several people saw this eagle and zoologists investigating it found the account reliable. June 5, 1932.

Norwegian Sea: A series of unidentified submerged objects (USOs) were sighted in the Norwegian Sea. The USOs were the size of aircraft carriers and moved at extraordinary speeds. In response, NATO sea exercises were conducted in the area. During the NATO exercises, a US carrier/destroyer reportedly disappeared off the radar scopes of the other naval vessels and has not reappeared to date. 1993


Almaseda (near Castelibranco) Four witnesses saw a UFO land. Two entities in shining clothing came out and started to gather plant samples, which they put in a shiny box. They tried to invite the witnesses on board before leaving.

Criacao Do Cabrito (Azores): Witnesses at an air station saw an oval shaped UFO with a glass tower and balustrade, with 2 beings standing on it; two others with in the tower. One witness shone a light at the UFO, and he was then covered in dust. The UFO vanished and the witness fainted. February 1, 1968.

Puerto La Cruz: A tanker crew saw a cigar-shaped UFO fly out of the ocean on July 6, 1965.

Santa Maria Airport,(Azores): A guard saw a UFO land; an entity came out and tried to communicate but the guard couldn't understand it. September 20, 1954.

Scotland: (will be organized into regions at some point, but not today!)

Regarding big cat sightings: "Felis silvestris grampia" is a small wildcat native to the British Isles. The experts believe it only now lives in Scotland and some isolated regions of Northern England. Wildlife experts believe that "Felis silvestris" is not likely to be the creature seen in British 'big cat' sightings.

Scotland: somewhere: A man saw a strange creature, "the upper half of it was white, and the shape of a human body;" although its arms were short. "Its bottom half was scaly, shiny and reddish-grey to reddish-green in color. The animal was between 4 and 5 feet long, and had a tail that it spread like a fan." It had long hair that it liked to stroke. October 13, 1811. There was another sighting of a mermaid-like creature in Scotland on this same day.

(North, somewhere): A landholder in the far north of Scotland claimed to have seen a mermaid, sitting on a ledge of rock. Red gold hair, green eyes, very beautiful; he didn't specifically mention her having a fish tail. But he did say it was a mermaid, so I guess we're supposed to assume she had the usual lower torso of one. In 1950, two girls walking in the same area claimed to have seen a mermaid beached by the tide.

Scotland somewhere: A group of children saw what they thought was a drowning woman. The upper half looked like a long haired, pink-cheeked woman, its lower arms and hands were small, like a childs. The bottom half looked like a 'immense, large cuddy fish." The children ran to get witnesses or parents. A farmer got ready to shoot this creature, and was prevented by the others. This creature occasionally made a hissing noise like a goose. This creature was in view for two hours, and then disappeared; although it, or a similar one was seen a couple of other times. Summer, 1814.

Benbecula Island, off Scotland: A small creature, reportedly half woman, half fish, was seen here in (approx). 1830. Some witnesses tried to catch it, with no luck. Finally, a boy hit it on the back with some rocks, and it disappeared. Reportedly, a few days later the body washed up on shore two miles away. A local district sheriff examined the body: "the upper part of the creature was about the size of a well-fed child of 3 or 4 years of age, with an abnormally developed breast. The hair was long, dark and glossy, while the skin was white, soft and tender. The lower part of the body was like a salmon, but without scales." This creature was buried in a graveyard at Nunton. Folklorist R. MacDonald Robertson saw it in 1961.

Caithness somewhere: A teacher walking along the beach claimed to have seen a mermaid sitting on a rock. 1890's.

Dumbarton area: A piece of ice fell from the sky, nearly hitting a motorist. It split up when it hit, but the pieces weighed 112 pounds! December 26, 1950.

Edinburgh: A large glowing crescent shaped object was seen here by many people in October, 1816.

Edinburgh: Has it own ghosts, too. See: Spirit of Edinburgh:

Fifeshire: It rained some sort of fish here in the summer of 1824.

Off Girdle Ness, Aberdeen: An unidentified red light plunged into the sea. A crew of a ship made a search, but no wreckage was found. November 1963.

Glamis Castle: The ancestral home of the Earl of Strathmore ( Bowes-Lyons, the Queen Mother's family). This castle is haunted by several ghosts; a lady in gray, a former Earl who supposedly played cards with the Devil and lost; and something called the "Glamis Horror." Apparently, you need to be a male member of the Strathmore Family to know exactly what this is. Rumor had it that the heir gets to know what it is on his 21st birthday.

Glenorchy: A London Times report for March 14, 1840 talks about mysterious tracks found in the snow in the Scottish Highlands. They were shaped like horseshoes, similar to the Topham Brailford, England tracks. They also went in a single line, over obstacles without disturbing the snow. (If someone had faked these, how did they do it without messing up the snow around these odd tracks?)

Livingston: A forest worker saw a UFO hovering about the ground here in November, 1979.

Lochdon, Isle of Mull: A ghostly voice was heard in a house here in 1974.

Loch Locky: Lake monster reports.

 Loch Morar: Home of some lake monster known as "Morag"

Loch Mullardoch (near Cannich) Climbers saw a phantom cottage here in May 1987.

Loch Ness: The home of the elusive and much sought after "Nessie". 

Loch Seaforth: A streamer crew saw a large object fall in to the sea in February 1961. Upon checking, no aircraft was reported missing or downed.

Loch Shiel: Lake Monster reports here.

Mull: A educated London woman was travelling by bus thru the Scottish Highlands. As the bus pulled over to let some other car pass, she looked out a window and saw a small, young man, about 18 inches high, digging. He wore brightly colored clothing and had a tiny little sack. He wasn't a doll, or dwarf. She related this to a friend, and she was told that friends of hers had seen similar small people, and that Mull was known for this. April 30, 1973.

Nunton, (see Benbecula Island, Scotland): A dead mermaid washed up on Benbecula Island and was buried here in the graveyard. 1830

Oban: Dunstaffnage Castle: Reported to be haunted by 15 separate ghosts. The appearance of one, "The Grey Man" apparently predicts death to the viewer.

Peebles: Cross Keys Hotel: Room 31 is apparently haunted (I don't know the specifics). September 1975, ongoing?

Ross-shire, Scotland: It rained some sort of fish here in 1828.

Sandside (Caithness): January 12, 1809, two women on a beach here saw what was apparently a mermaid. She had normal human breasts, long green hair, and a pink face. (There's no mention of the lower mermaid body structure).

St. Andrews: A university student was walking across a playing field at night and saw three ghostly monks. When they were 10 feet from him, they disappeared. Autumn 1979.


Arroya De La Miel, Malaga: An object dived into a lake, then emerged and flew away. September 1971.

Banjos: Two green children walked out of a cave here, much to the surprise of the locals. They had almond shaped eyes, couldn't speak Spanish, and were wearing odd clothes not normal to the area. They wouldn't eat the local food, but apparently decided beans were OK. The boy was apparently too weak, or got sick and died, but the girl survived, and her green color faded eventually. She learned Spanish, and said her native country had no sun, and a river separated them from a sunny land. A whirwind picked up her and her brother, and left them in a cave. She only lived for another 5 years, and no one ever figured out where the two had come from. August 1887. (see Woolpit, Suffolk England for an almost identical occurrance).

Belmez De La Moraleda (Andalusia): Faces appeared on a cement floor and odd voices were heard. 1971 (ongoing?)

Ezquiga: A large amount of witnesses (150+) saw a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary with various angels and saints. June 30, 1931.

Huesca: An 'apeman' seen in the Pyrenees. Six feet tall, naked, making animalistic sounds. It threw a tree trunk at some workers. This has also been attributed to being a person, living wild. May 1979.

Isla Cristina, Huelva: Some boys saw a luminous UFO appear from the sea and fly off. February 8, 1981.

Leon: A young woman saw two men with silvery objects on their backs, flying. The next day they were seen by several other people. Around 1914.

Madrid: A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary weppt blood from the eyes and heart 11 times (all in 1972?)

Puente De Herrera, Valladolid: An 8 foot high UFO with colored lights was seen on the ground-it had something beside it, which seemed interested in an alfalfa field nearby. When it left, the road it had landed on glowed. August 15, 1970.

Valencia: A plane made an emergency landing after being followed by a UFO. Novermber 11, 1979.

Voltana: A winged woman was seen flying over town by numerous witnesses. June 1905.


Halsingborg area: Two young men driving home stopped to check out a huge glowing object in a clearing off the highway. They saw a disc-shaped craft, perched on three metal legs about 3' long. Then they were grabbed by 4 grey little people about 4' tall, with a 'sickening smell' to them. One man broke free and hung onto a metal highway sign, the other got away and ran back to their car, where he started pounded on the horn. Evidently, this scared the entities away, because they returned to their craft and took off. December 20, 1958.

Hessle: Some coal-like stuff fell from the sky here, January 1, 1860.

Lake Gryttjen: A fresh water lake monster, lives here.

Lake Storsjon:  A lake monster has been seen here for 300 or so years.. Since 1987 the Society for Investigating the Great Lake has collected some 400 reports of "Storsjöodjuret," as the Swedes call the monster.There is no clear picture of this creature. Some witnesses describe a large neck undulating back and forth that looks like a horse's mane; others observed a large wormlike creature with recognizable ears. Reports of the creature's size range from 10 to 42 feet in length. One witness said it had a yellow underbelly.

Narken: area: Three witnesses saw a little man 3 three tall or shorter, he was wearing what resembled a grey raincoat and a helmet. He appeared to be startled by headlights of the car and covered his eyes. They heard a sound like a shot and saw a white flash as they drove by, and speculated he may have fired some sort of weapon. August 19, 1970 (seen "Straken").

Straken: A little man was seen here. The witness went to get a closer look and the creature growled at him. Then a intense white light appeared, and the witness closed his eyes; when he opened them again the creature was gone. February 16, 1971. (see "Narken")


Basel: A number of black balls were seen moving at a high rate of speed towards the sun. Then they turned and appeared to collide with each other. They turned 'red and fiery' before they disappeared. August 7, 1566.


Aberath: (Dyfed): An orange ball was seen to plunge into the sea, glowing under the water. March 24, 1955.

Kenfig: Prince of Wales Pub: Ghostly voices and organ music were heard by the landlord here. Experiments were done (20,000 volts of electricity were run thru a stone wall of the pub, the room was locked, with a tape recorder on.) This captured clock ticking (with no clock in the room), voices in a language that couldn't be understood, and organ music. The theory being that perhaps certain stones have the ability to 'record' sounds that can play back somehow when the circumstances are right. 1982.

Llanddeusant: A woman here loaned a bowl of water and a bowl of coal to a fairy family in the early 1900's. (She got the bowls back, along with 4 shillings).

Llandoverry: A UFO was seen flying over the hydroelectric dam in the Black Mountains by two rangers of the Welsh Forestry Commission. The men were five miles apart at the time, but were in radio contact with each other. The incident took place in the mountains overlooking Llandoverry, approximately 66 miles (106 kilometers) northwest of Cardiff. "The UFO was going in a north-northeasterly direction," one ranger reported. "It was a very bright ball of light with four sparkly tails and about two miles or so high, about three times the size of a large star. It was over the dam for about 35 seconds, climbing in an upward direction." 6:30 a.m. December 19, 1997

Maesiocyn, Residents of Maesiocyn, near Tywlch Llanidloes in central Wales, have reported sighting "lights resembling large stars" in the eastern sky, "which move to the right and left and up and down." Eyewitness Margaret M. said, "Definitely not planes. When looked at through the binoculars, they flash red and green and orange."One night I saw what looked like an orange tennis ball fall in an arc towards Earth and disappear," Margaret said. "I can only reiterate that these are DEFINITELY not planes. Also, regular loud rumbling noises--like thunder or heavy guns--but nowhere near a (an artillery) range." Residents have also reported lights above the nearby Halfren Forest. 1997?

Montgomery: John Davies was convicted of stealing a wallet, and he swore was innocent. He was sentenced to death and swore no grass would grow on his grave as a symbol of his innocence. They hung him (September 6, 1851) and buried him. Grass reportedly does not grow on his grave, even when sod is laid and fertilized.

.Mountain Ash, Glamorganshire: It rained fish here, during a rainstorm. (It covered a very small area 80 yards by 12"). February 9, 1859.

Talley Abbey (Dyfed): ghostly chanting heard, 1970's.

Trawsfynydd (Gwynedd): A ghostly carriage and horses seen. December 30, 1979.

Wrexham: On a relatively mild summer day, with an ordinary breeze blowing, about 500 pounds of hay started sailing around, apparently on its own. The wind wasn't enough to pick up all this hay. The mass started separating as it moved through the air, and some of it was seen to be sailing along, against the wind. It was strewn around in a five mile distance from it's original starting point. Late 1890's.