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Atlantic Ocean: A ship at sea observed a light-grey disc in the sky, flying against the wind, and it appeared to have a long tail. March 22, 1870.

Atlantic Ocean: Two men rowing across the Atlantic were reportedly nearly rammed by a sea monster.It was an estimated 35 feet long. July 25, 1966.


Bermuda Triangle: A Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, roughly in between Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and the tip of Florida. Alternatively, (depending on the source: Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Norfolk, Virginia.)


Falklands Islands:



Nassau (60miles E. of): Crew and passengers on the Mauretana saw a 60-foot sea monster with humps and a large head. March 6, 1934.

Berbice Island:

The governer and others told a visitor, Dr. Chisholm, stories about strange creatures seen in the islands rivers. (1797) Dr. Chisholm later wrote a book "Malignant Fever in the West Indies" and spoke of them. (I haven't read this, and wonder how mermaids figure in a book about fever.) At any rate, his description:"the upper portion resembles the human figure, the lower portion resembles the tail portion of a fish..not unlike the dolphin.. They have generally been observed in a sitting posture in the water, none of the lower extremity being discovered until they are disturbed. They have been always seen..smoothing their hair, or stroking their faces, and breasts with their hands, or seomething resembling hands."




Puerto Rico:

Rincon : On a Sunday in June 1994, churchgoers at the Santa Rosa de Lima church saw tears falling from the cheek of the Virgin Mary statue. Since then, according to the priest Edgardo Acosta, tears regularly emerge from the statue's left eye and roll down her cheek to her neck. The event has created a large group of believers, and Acosta has had to rope off the area to keep people away. Church attendance has increased noticeably. Some say they have been cured of physical or psychological illness. 1994 and ongoing?

Puerto Rico: Six F-154 Navy fighter jets reportedly intercepted a UFO over Puerto Rico. The F-14s and their crews apparently never returned to their carrier. June 19, 1995.

Indian Ocean:


Sri Lanka:

Mediterranean Sea:


North Front: Thousands of small frogs fell during a thunderstorm in May 1921.


Pacific Ocean: Eric de Bisschop was re-enacting an ancient voyage from Tahiti to Chile in an replica of an old Polynesian raft. In his book, "Tahiti-Nui" he claims one of his sailors saw a mermaid jump onto the deck. It stood upright on its tail (ouch!) and had hair like fine seaweed. The sailor tried to touch it and got punched. The mermaid or whatever, then jumped overboard. January 3, 1957.


Fish fell on Guam during a rainstorm in September 1936.


Baguio City: Blood flowed from the heart of a 10' statute of the Virgin Mary in a chapel near the airport, and miracle cures were also reported. Began February 1983 (I don't know if this is ongoing or not)

Lipa: Showers of rose petals fell here after a Carmelite novice started seeing visions. The rose petals were believed to have healing powers. (I don't know how long this occurred). Began September 12, 1948.

Manila: A vision of the Virgin Mary was seen by crowds of people early in 1988.

Manila : A soldier on guard duty outside the Palace in Mexico City was stopped and questioned by the commander. His uniform was different and he carried a different type of firearm than the other soldiers on guard duty. He said he'd been ordered that morning to do guard duty outside the the Governer of the Philippines' palace. He realized he somehow wasn't in Manila, and this wasn't the Governer's Palace, but he was trying to carry out his orders. When he found out he was in Mexico City, he was baffled, as was everyone else. He told everyone the Governer had been murdered the night before (In Manila). He landed up in jail due to this obviously ridiculous story. Two months later, a ship from Manila pulled in, and they found the Governer had indeed, been murdered, just as the strange soldier had said. They let him go back to Manila, still wondering just how he'd been transported overnight to Mexico. October 1593. (And what kind of report do you make to your CO? "Excuse me, Sir.. I didn't go AWOL. I was mysteriously transported to Mexico?").

Persian Gulf:

Persian Gulf: A British warship "Vultur" saw two giant luminous 'wheels' as they spun slowly, descending towards the sea. They were observed for over 1/2 an hour. May 15, 1879.

Persian Gulf: (near Oman): A British steamer sighted an huge 'wheel of light' over the ship. It was reportedly revolving in the sky, not far about the water. It emitted beams of light, which apparently didn't do anything. Summer, 1906

South Pacific:


Lautoka Missionary School: Students at the school saw little 2 foot tall people, covered with black hair. When the students came close, they ran off. July 1975.

Papua/New Guinea:

New Guinea (somewhere): Charles Miller heard about a 40-foot lizard while honeymooning in New Guinea. Hoping to see one, he and his wife hiked to its' rumored lair. It was yellowish-brown, had a long neck, had a snapping turtle-tip beak, a bony flange around its head, and a row of projecting plates along its backbone. He took pictures, which aren't included in his book. (see "Cannibal Caravan") sometime before 1950.

Boianai: A UFO was spotted here on three nights, June 26-28, 1959.

Lake Dakataua, (New Britain): Lake monster reported here