Carrollton: Pickens County Courthouse is haunted by the ghost of Henry Wells, a prisoner killed there.

Chilatchee: Live fish fell during a rain shower: April or May, 1956.

Huntsville: Athens State College: A student who died in McCandless Hall is supposed to be seen here.

Huntsville: Crybaby Hollow: Supposedly haunted by a baby that cries on cold nights. Mysterious breathing-type sounds sometimes heard as well.

Huntsville: The Carter Mansion is haunted by a Sally Carter who died a violent death at 16 and is buried on the Carter Estate. She's been seen and she (or something) turns her headstone over.

Marion: Carlisle Hall: Someone named Anne Carlisle reportedly haunts the tower she died in. (Possibly another "can't handle finals week" suicide?)

Mongomery, Huntingdon College: The Red Lady is supposed to haunt the corridors of Pratt Dorm. She was a student and apparently was too peculiar to make friends. She always wore red and decorated her room in red. Eventually she slashed her wrists in frustration for not being able to make friends. .  The Ghost on the Green shot himself on the green. He's not a visible ghost, but he touches people, messed with their hair, etc.

Montgomery: A cigar-shaped UFO was seen here on July 24, 1948.

Montgomeryl: Some spider webby stuff fell from the sky here (no spiders were sighted). It fell in strands and occasionally in globs, and was reported be phosphorescent. November 21, 1898.

Montgomery: Two pilots and two intelligence officers saw a bright light doing impossible maneuvers over Maxwell AFB. June 28, 1947

Selma: I don't know anything about ghosts in Selma.But obviously there are because they have a ghost tour here:


Aleutian Islands: US sailors saw a UFO rising from the sea in March, 1945.

Dry Harbor: The 100-foot long carcass of some mysterious creature washed ashore; it was covered with reddish-brown hair 2" long-1956.

Gakona: Gakona Lodge and Trading Post: Footsteps and voices are heard here, and the odor of tobacco smoke wafts through the air, even when no one is smoking.

Ketchikan-check out the Totem Heritage Center. Tlingit Village Artifacts, and a Totem Pole collection can be seen.(I know it's not weird, but it sounded interesting). 601 Deermount. (907) 225-5900.

Kodiak: UFO sighting by Navy personnel in patrol aircraft, and it was also spotted on radar. It was going a sedate 1800 mph on January 22, 1950.

Skagway, Golden North Hotel: Rooms 23 & 14 are apparently haunted.

Umiat: Red, disc-shaped UFO sighted in February 1959.


Apache Sitgreaves Nat'l Forest (near Heber) - site of the famous Travis Walton UFO incident: Nov. 5-10 1975. This was the inspiration for the movie "Fire in the Sky"

Douglas: Gasden Hotel: A ghost in khaki was seen in here 1970-I don't know if this ghost was just passing through, or just not seen a lot.

Flagstaff: Monte Vista Hotel. Reportedly the ghosts of a former bellboy and a female ghost are seen here.

Near Flagstaff: Bigfoot sightings, 1924 and January 1971.

Flagstaff: Riordan House State Park: Apparently haunted by Carolina and Anna Riodan.

Near Globe: About 15 miles east of Globe, a small non-human something was seen on the road: June 1960.

Jerome: The Community Center is haunted by a ghostly prostitute. Reportedly she hangs out in front of the building.

Phoenix: San Carlos Hotel. Some part of it is haunted by a woman named victim Leone Jensen, who apparently killed herself here.

Prescott:The Bead Museum, where you can see...beads! 140 S. Montezuma (602) 445-2431. Not haunted, just not usual.

Tombstone: Big Nose Kate's: A number of cowboy ghosts have been seen here, some photographed.

Tombstone: Tombstone Graveyard: Reports of strange lights and ghost sightings in and around the cemetery. A natural place to be haunted! Many famous outlaws and cowboys are buried there.

Tucson: It rained stones here for four months, on a housing development outside Tucson. September-December, 1983.

Near Yuma AFB: A silvery disc was spotted by a scientist on May 5, 1953.

Yuma: One clam fell out of the sky here on August 20, 1941.


Dover - Dover Lights - The ghosts of Spanish Conquistadors search for their lost gold in a valley in the Ozark foothills.

Gurdon - The Gurdon Light: These lights also follow railroad tracks. In this case, the Missouri-Pacific line. Like the Saratoga Lights of Texas, these are the lantern lights of a ghostly flagman, who is also looking for his head. (Railroading must have been very hazardous).

Warren: Mark's Mill. Ghosts of Civil War soldiers supposedly haunt the area.

Wynne: A "beautiful cross" appeared on a glass door as a woman prayed for her deceased husband. Thousands showed up to see it. (I have no idea if this is a continuing phenomenon). Oct. 17, 1987


Bakersfield: Hundreds of people have visited the home of Carlos and Ines Alvarez since they discovered a large cross of light in their bathroom window on 7 March. The Alvarez' say they can see the cross especially well when the light is just right at about 8 am and 5 pm each day, and at night when the neighbours' lights are on. At other times during the day, the cross is visible when light is focused on the window. 1996, ongoing?

Benicia: It rained blood and some kind of flesh on a old army post here. July 24, 1851.

Berkeley: UC-Berkeley's Faculty Club-.It was part of UC Berkeley, as accomodations for male faculty was didn't want to commute to San Francisco. It's apparently now a hotel, which hasn't stopped its' various deceased professors from making occasional visits. Lights go on, and elderly appearing ghost(s) have been seen.

Berkeley: (Tilden Park): Supposedly haunted by a woman whose daughter was raped in the park. For some reason, she's tapping on the roofs of cars parked here.

Bluff Creek: A road building crew was surprised to find big footprints around their equipment. They continued to find tracks for several days, until a Bigfoot showed up and tossed a 300 pound drum of oil down a ravine. It then picked up a wheel for a bulldozer weighing about 700 pounds and carried it around for several hundred yards before putting it down. They took plaster casts of the footprints; 8 inches across the ball of the foot, and 17 inches long. August, 1958.

Brush Creek: Two miners saw a UFO land and a little alien get out to get water. 1953.

California City: On the 13th of each month, hundreds of people flock to a remote spot in the Mojave Desert to witness sightings of the Virgin Mary. Maria Paula, a local Catholic woman, says she regularly has visions of the Virgin Mary. Up to three-quarters of the crowd who attend the desert gatherings each month, have reported seeing the Virgin. 1997 and ongoing?

Casitas Dam (near Ventura): A UFO flew out of the reservoir and the witness got a photograph. November 1964.

Chico: A man complained to police that people were throwing rocks at his warehouse. The police investigated and found no one responsible, and no explanation. They apparently rained on his warehouse out of the sky, intermittently for 5 months. November 1921 to March 1922.

Colton: Agua Mansa Cemetery: Supposedly haunted by the ghost of a woman searching for her children.

Desert Center area: George Adamski, an amateur astronomer, claimed to have met visitors from Venus here. He and 6 witnesses saw a large cigar-shaped UFO. Adamski went there because of a few sightings in the area, and he also felt he was being guided. To make a very long story short, he met a blond, human-looking guy, 5'6", about 28 (if you're human), grey-green eyes. He communicated telepathically and by sign language, and seemed interested/concerned about bombs and radiation. His other friends witnessed this from a distance, and signed an notarized statement to prove it. It goes on from there,with more visitations. He wrote at least two books about his contacts with Venusians. Either a really amazing actual event, or a really successful fake, since he was able to lecture and travel as a result of this contact. November 20, 1952. (see "Flying Saucers Have Landed" George Adamski and Desmond Leslie and "Inside the Space Ships")

Edwards AFB (was Muroc AFB): A test pilot saw a yellow spherical craft flying against the wind. Several other witnesses had seen 3 similar UFO's earlier. July 1947

Elfin Forest (near Escondido): Haunted by female ghost in white-apparently a lot of people have seen her. You could try looking for her near the picnic grounds (I don't know the exact location of her appearances).

Fremont - Lord Bradley's Bed & Breakfast Inn - Noises at night, heavy footsteps,and an apparition wearing Victorian-style clothing seen.

Georgetown: The American River Inn is haunted by the ghost of an old miner.

Hollywood - Beachwood Drive Apartments -  Ghost of an old man is seen walking the central staircase.

Hollywood-Paramount Studios: Rudolph Valentino's ghost has been seen floating among old garments in the costume department. In addition, an unidentified ghost is said to roam the catwalks above Studio Five. 5451 Marathon Ave.

Silent movie actress Virginia Rappe, the girl who died in the Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle scandal in the days of silent film. Although Arbuckle was acquitted the scandal, nevertheless, ruined his career. The sound of phantom sobbing has been reported near Virginia's last resting place. 6000 Santa Monica Blvd.

Hollywood - Mann's Chinese Theater - . The actor Victor Killian was bludgeoned to death in his nearby apartment in 1982.For some illogical reason, he's supposed to be searching the sidewalk outside the theatre for his killer. Employees of the theatre have also told of strange sounds and movement coming from behind the theatre's curtain, often after hours when no one else was there. AND while you're there, the Roosevelt Hotel across the street is also haunted.

Hollywood - Radisson Hotel - Theoretically, James Dean has been seen there as well as Marilyn Monroe. If you miss Marilyn at the Radisson Hotel, you can also try her grave in Westwood.

Hollywood-Sweet Lady Jane's Restaurant plays host to the ghost of actor Orson Welles. Customers and employees alike have reported seeing Welles' caped apparition sitting at his favorite table. The scent of his favorite brandy and cigars have often accompanied these sightings. 8360 N. Melrose Ave.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel -Room number 928 is haunted by Mongomery Clift, who lived there for three months while filming "From Here To Eternity." (Which is a macabre title, considering!)Apparently you can feel cold spots or Montgomery himself touching you.

Hollywood-Ozzie Nelson haunts his old house, where he lived for over twenty five years. Harriet Nelson sold the house in 1980, and the new owners reported faucets and lights that turned themselves on and off, doors that opened and closed themselves and loud footsteps when no one was there. 1822 Camino Palermo Rd. This is a private residence in the Hollywood Hills.

Inyo National Forest: (near Monache Mt.) Bigfoot-like figure seen, August 1986.

Lake Folsom: A lake monster reportedly living here.

Lakewood: A WWII artillery shell fell out of the sky with no evident explanation as to where it came from. January 1, 1984.

Lodi: An albino tiger oscar fish which has spent the last four years on a pet store shelf has suddenly become a local celebrity here. A group of Muslims are convinced that the markings on the right flank of the fish spell out the word "Allah" in Arabic. It has been dubbed the "Allah fish" and is owned by Hyatullah Ahmadi. "It's very, very distinctly written," said Taj Khan, president of Lodi Muslim Mosque, who has seen the fish several times.The Allah fish has received a flood of guests since it moved into its new aquarium in the Ahmadi home. 1997 ongoing?

Long Beach: A man and wife heard a loud thump outside and went outside to investigate. They discovered a five-foot long alligator in their backyard. They had no idea where it came from.

Los Angeles - Los Angeles Pet Cemetery - Yes, we DO have everything in California! This is apparently a cemetery for movie stars' dogs?! Kabar, Rudolph Valentino's Great Dane is still panting or licking people that wander near its' grave. Too bad someone can't take the dog for a walk in the costume department at Paramount!

Los Angles: It rained blood and meat of some unknown type, but probably animal. It was a clear sky. It rained for 2 minutes and covered a cornfield. July 1869.

Los Nietos Township: A three minute shower of meat and blood fell from the sky onto the farm of J. Hudson. The stuff that fell covered several acres, the conventional explanation being that "sloppy buzzards" flying overhead were the source this mess. August 1, 1869.

Montclair:  Joann Noriega saw a "big, beautiful cross", created by the light of the moon, appear on her bathroom window. She had never seen the image in the 17 years she had lived in the house. Noriega saw the Virgin on the lighted cross, surrounded by a host of angels next to her "like the Immaculate Conception." The vision came after midnight and lasted for more than a week before it disappeared. The vision of the Virgin on the cross returns every month during the full moon. Because of the cross, and a scent of roses in the house, many people make a pilgrimage to her house seeking the Virgin Mary's presence. Each week, Noriega holds a Friday night prayer meeting in her living room. Beginning December 1992 and ongoing?

Monterey: UFO's and spidery lines of webbing were seen here on October 5, 1971.

Oakland:   The Holmes Book Company is reportedly haunted by a male ghost that throws books around.

Orange: The Olive Hotel:  There are several ghosts and ghost stories. The one that sticks out is the one about (the ghost in the closet)  People have rented this room and opened a closet door only to find a mans' body hanging by the neck. This ghost apparently committed suicide more than 50 years ago.

Palm Springs: A woman was driving along peacefully, when a wheel fell out of the sky onto the hood of her car (!). The airport was contacted, but no local pilots reported losing a wheel. April 17, 1969.

Redding: A UFO was spotted here-described as" a very bright fireball" and it was joined by a second one. They did some tricky maneuvering before streaking away. August 3, 1997

Rogers Dry Lake: Two technicians saw a round, aluminium-like UFO. Rogers Lake is not far from Edwards AFB. The UFO here may or may not be one of the same as those seen at Edwards AFB two hours earlier. July 1947. (see Edwards AFB)

Sacramento: The Record: The ghost of a very old woman in Victorian clothing is seen around here.

San Diego: The El Fandango Restaurant: A woman in white supposedly appears at a dark table in the corner.

San Diego: Whaley House: Is haunted by Thomas Whaley. This is one of California's only authenticated haunted spots. I'm still trying to find what the other is. 2482 San Diego Ave. San Diego Old Towne.

San Francisco: Haskell House: The ghost of a Senator Broderick is supposed to be seen here.

San Jose: Winchester House: A weird place to visit! I have no idea if it's haunted or not, but if it's not, it ought to be. With 160 rooms that go nowhere, staircases that lead to dead ends, doors that open onto walls, etc. it's well worth seeing. 525 S. Winchester Blvd. Open Daily.

Studio City-Lon Chaney is said to haunt sound stage 28 at Universal Studios. The Jaws lagoon is apparently haunted too, with noises and such happening after hours.

Sunnyvale: Toys R Us is haunted by a young boy. Employees report finding toys in aisles when opening up the store in the morning, and balls rolling down aisles when nobody else is around.  There also have been pictures taken of this ghost. This was reported on some TV show, I've forgotten which one.

Ventura: The Bella Maggiore Hotel. The ghost of a  prostitute who committed suicide here haunts Room 14 - soft singing, strong smell of roses inside room and in adjacent hall, occasional mist near window.

Walnut Creek: A huge vulture-like bird with a 15 foot wingspan was seen here. October 1975.

Westwood: Westwood Memorial Cemetery. Marilyn Monroe's ghost has been spotted hovering near her tomb. 1218 Glendon Ave.

Woodside: Red hot pieces of iron fell from the sky. Summer, 1954.


Aurora: A 3-foot baby alligator was found crawling up a city street.(No one reported missing one). August 1984.

Cripple Creek: The Fairley & Lampman Building is haunted. You can hear voices, dancing heard in the ballroom, apparition of a young woman was seen; 1980's. There's a ghost tour of Cripple Creek:

Colorado Springs: Pioneer's Museum: Haunted by a manager who was shot dead on the premises. The guards who patrol the museum at night report they feel very uneasy there.

Denver: All power to Denver failed for an hour and a half on February 14, 1963. The power company couldn't find out the reason and the lights came back by themselves. (Not so odd in itself, except that some UFO accounts include a loss of power in their vicinity. And a conventional explanation wasn't discovered for this.)

Denver: Denver International Airport: Built apparently on top of sacred Native American ground, there were problems when it was being built.  Strange noises are still heard, apparently.

Littleton: Town Hall Arts Center haunted: the elevator moves by itself, laughter and music are heard.

Silver Cliff: The local graveyard is the scene of little blue lights that apparently hover over various graves here. Silver Cliff is an old mining town, and the graveyard's old. Lots of people have witnessed these lights since their first recorded appearance in 1880. There is still no explanation for them. Ongoing?


New Haven: A fiery object crashed thru a billboard, then it apparently rose thru the sky and left. Traces left behind were almost pure copper. 1953.

Old Lyme: A weird unidentified animal (possible rabbit/dog?) creature seen, November 1986-January 1987.

Old Saybrook: A woman reported seeing a 20-foot UFO w/3 occupants hovering outside her bedroom window. December 16, 1957.

Seymour: The Carousel Garden Restaurant is reportedly haunted by Ruth Wooster. 157 North St. I guess she lived here, when it was a house, not a restaurant. Ghost Tours of Connecticut start from there, too:

Terryville: while you're here, you can visit the Lock Museum of America at 130 Main Street (203) 589-6359.

Tolland: Daniel Benton Homestead: Sobbing, lights turn on and off, men's voices are heard. Open May-October on Sundays, 1-4 p.m.

Trumbull: Bigfoot-type creature was seen, running at around 35 mph. This one was white, rather than the usual dirty brown. 1970.


Near Concord: Mystery animal, dark, 2' tail, jumping like a kangaroo seen. Sept. 1979.

District of Columbia:

Washington, D.C. Radar picked up a flight or squad-whatever you call it-of 8 UFO's around the Washington area. They were doing 100-130 miles an hour, then would suddenly accelerate to 'fantastically high speeds." One of these was logged at 7000 miles an hour. Some of these reported over the White House and the Capitol building. There were three separate radar installations and they showed on all three, plus visual sightings and commercial aircraft. One of them went over Andrews AFB, and a radar operator made a visual sighting, describing it as "huge fiery orange sphere" hovering in the sky. (This must have been a brown trousers moment, with the nasty possibility of little green men from Mars blowing the White House to pieces, like in millions of pulp comic books). I'm not sure what the 'official' Air Force explanation for this was. Late at night, July 19, 1952. One week later, they came back. 10:30 p.m. radar picked up several slow moving UFO's. They scrambled jets, but it evidently took a while for them to get in the air. The UFO's vanished as the jets arrived in the area. The jets went back to base. The UFO's then came back. The jets came back..and this time the UFO's and planes played tag. The planes would close, and see a 'strange light.' The UFO's would zip away before they could get closer. The Air Force implied that this was the result of reflected light from temperature inversions. July 26, 1952.

Washington, DC: It rained "unexplained green slime" here on two different days. September 5 and 6, 1978.

Washington Airport: A brilliant circular object with a tail 4 or 5 times its length flew around the airport. It was caught in a searchlight..the searchlight then went out. Reportedly the ceiling lights of the airport also went out only to light up again when the UFO left. July 1955

The White House is supposedly haunted by the phantom of Abraham Lincoln (and a few others, as well).


Bardin: The "Bardin Booger" is a Bigfoot-type critter seen in 1987.

Everglades: (near Big Cypress Indian Reservation): James Flynn saw a cone-shaped UFO, and it struck him with a beam of light. March 12, 1965.

Jacksonville: Jeanne Winchester was a passenger in a car when she burst into flames. Luckily, she lived through it. As seems common in SHC cases, the car was hardly damaged at all. October 9, 1980.

Key West: I don't know anything about Key West ghosts. Obviously they have some, because they have a ghost tour. Key West Tour Assoc:

Near Jacksonville: a DC-6 airliner on route from NY to Puerto Rico nearly collided with a "big fireball" which moved very fast with a loud roaring sound. March 19, 1957

Lake Worth : A woman heard noises on her roof and when she went to look, it was apparently raining ice cubes. Due to the location of the house, it would have been unlikely anyone could have been throwing them onto the roof unobserved. September, 1976.

Middleburg: A block of limestone weighing about 200 pounds reportedly fell out of the sky here, early 1888.

Orviedo: Ghost lights are seen on State Road 13.

Punta Gorda: Hundreds of golf balls rained here, September 3, 1969.

Riviera Beach: A Cross of Light has appeared in the bathroom window of Ida Rollins' house here. People are so moved by it that they have been flocking to see it; so many that the police have had to put barricades up on the street to keep the cars out. A radio announcer called it "the miracle of 37th street." Ida Rollins believes it is a sign from God, a message of hope for one of the poorest areas in town. 1994, don't know if this is ongoing or not.

St. Petersburg: Mrs. Mary Reeser spontaneously combused here July 1, 1951. When discovered, she was basically ashes, except for a few charred body parts. The chair she'd been sitting in was burned away, with a 4 foot radius around her burned away too. A wooden beam was also on fire. There was no smell of burning flesh, and smoke damage was minimal.

Stuart: A 100 pound block of ice fell thru a roof. There was no plane overhead at the time and no evident explaination. July 1982.

Suwannee River: A 15-foot tall penguin-like creature was sighted by a number of people in February 1948. No penguin (or related creature) was reported missing by any zoo.

Tarpon Springs: St. Nicholas Cathederal: an icon of St. Nicholas wept; December 1969 and 1973.


Atlanta: Human blood seeped from the floors in several rooms in an elderly couple's house: and they didn't have any bodies buried under the floorboards either! September 1987.

Cheaha State Park: A deer hunter saw a Bigfoot-type critter running away from him on two legs January 24, 1987.

Dawson: It rained for more than an hour in a 25 foot in diameter spot here September, 1866.

Elberton: A mysterious "line" stretched off into the sky. No kites in sight; and yards and yards of it were pulled in without the other end appearing. June 1972.

Moody AFB: Aircraft collided with a "big orange fireball", causing a jolt; in 1952. (Ball lightening?)

Savannah: It rained seeds on February 1958.

Savannah: Jack Angel went to sleep on November 12, 1974 and woke up four days later to find himself burned in various places, an apparent survivor of spontaneous combustion. There was no other traces of fire damage, and SHC seems to be the only explanation.

Screven: Ghost light seen on a railway.

Stockton: South of town a woman spotted four small entities on the road, July 3, 1955.

Surrency:  A very bright, golden-yellow light about the size of a grapefruit shows up here, along a stretch of the Macon/Brunswick railway that runs through Surrency. Like some other spooklights, this one also follows or appears on the tracks. It's been seen here since the turn of the century.

Valdosta: A Bengal tiger was shot by cops; no zoo reported one missing. February, 1987.


Hawaii: A glowing circular object seen in the skies over the island. It was way above 40,000 feet, according to planes observing it and was in the air under observation far too long to have been a meteor. March 11, 1963.

Honolulu: Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel: haunted by a ghost in a red dress. No idea if this is an ongoing sighting or not.

Honolulu: You can take a ghost tour at Honolulu Ghost Tours:


Chesterfield: Skaters were chased by an 8' tall Bigfoot-type creature brandishing a club. January 1902.

Lake Payette: "Slimey Slim" is the lake monster reported living here. It's been seen since the 40's at least. It's reported to be 35 to 50 feet long, with a head reminscent of a crocodile.

Snake River Canyon: 3 witnesses say a pie-pan like UFO 20' long by 10' thick flew through the canyon. August 13, 1947.

Twin Falls: Rancher spotted a UFO, which departed with one of the ranchers cows. He didn't see how the cow got inside the UFO; the cow was just gone. September 7, 1956.


Illinois-Missouri Border: a number of people reported seeing a huge bird like a condor, the size of a Piper Cub airplane here in 1948.

Allerton Park: Allerton Mansion. A lady in white walks along the pond in the back of the mansion, and in "her" room putting on a hat and gloves.  She's been heard coming down the stairs and pacing the hall in front of "her" room.

Arcola: The depot by the tracks is haunted by a ghost holding a lantern.

Barrington: White Cemetery; Ghostly blue balls of light and a phantom black car are seen here.

Bloomington. Aura Troyer was a SHC victim here. He was found alive, but couldn't explain what had happened to him. All his clothes were burned off, and he before he died he said "it happened all of a sudden." 1942.

Bolingbrook: Beatrice Oczki apparently spontaneously combusted as she watched TV at home. A newspaper 3 feet from her was OK. A beer can had exploded from the heat, a tape in the VCR had melted, and the ceiling paint above her was peeling. Two dogs in the house with her apparently suffocated from lack of oxygen in the house, and her pilot lights had gone out. November 24, 1979.

Champaign County: A farmer was driving along around sunset when he noticed a large cat in a field. He got closer, examining what he could see of it in binoculars. It was jet black, except for two tawny streaks under the jaw. He came back the next day to check the ground, and saw tracks. He estimated the animal at around 14" tall at the shoulder, and about 4 1/2 feet long. 1965? (see Louisiana, Highway 90).

Chicago: Biograph Theatre. John Dillinger's ghost has been seen in the alley behind the Theatre.

Chicago: Red Lion Bar. They reportedly hear noises and footsteps when no one's around.

Chicago, Field Natural History Museum: Surrounded by nice green grass, it has a bare spot. Legend has it that a former assistant curator felt feverish and went outside to lay down in the cool grass. He then suffered a heart attack (which he survived.) For some reason, no grass will continue to grow on the spot he had the attack, even when replaced with sod. Grass will sprout there, only to wither and die.

Chicago - Holy Family Church: Parishioners have reportedly seen a white apparition here.

Chicago: A Chicago woman has found her clothes on fire on two separate occasions, apparently spontaneous combustion in May, 1981.

Chicago: St. Adrian's Church: May 1970, a watery blood-like liquid oozed from the neck, hands and feet of St. Maximina, whose 1700-year old remains are encased in a glass coffin.

Chicago: Cops were called in because a man reported a kangaroo on his porch. They thought he was nuts, (and why didn't he call Animal Control instead?). Anyway, the cops arrived, and tried to figure out how to subdue a pissed-off kangaroo without shooting it. The kangaroo won, kicking one of the cops several times before making his getaway. Go, kangaroo! (This one, or a buddy was seen another time in Chicago.) October 18, 1974.

Chicago: You can take a ghost tour of Chicago at Richard T. Crowe's : Chicago Supernatural Tours:

Collinsville: Cahokia Mound: Ghost of Indians and strange shadows and balls of light are reported occurring here.

Decatur: Lincoln Theater: Haunted by a ghost named One Armed Red.

Near Enfield: Pink-eyed, 3 legged, grey, hairy unknown creature seen. April 25, 1972.

Evanston: The First Methodist Church of Evanston. The sanctuary is haunted by the ghost of a man in a black business suit. He walks down the side aisle in the sanctuary, coming out from behind one pillar and walking behind the next, but if you look behind the pillar, no one will be there.

Justice: Resurrection Cemetery. Resurrection Mary is a rather famous phantom hitchhiker; she asks to be dropped off here.

Lawndale: Three boys were outside when they saw two huge birds. One bird stooped to attack, and the boy jumped into a pool to elude it. The one bird dived on one boy, a 10 year old, and lifted him 2 feet off the ground by his shirt. He started screaming, his mother came running. The bird carried him about 40 feet before both birds flew off. They resembled condors, black, with white rings on their necks and an 8 to 10 foot wingspan. July 25, 1977.

Macomb area: Little fires were igniting all over a farm here with 200 little fires in one week. August 1940.

Mattoon: August 31, 1944: A local resident woke up, feeling sick. He was nauseated, and his wife paralyzed. Another woman in town also experienced paralysis. Sept 1, 1944: Another woman felt paralysis after a "sickening sweet odor" woke her up. Her husband got home from work an hour and a half later and saw a prowler at the bedroom window. (The prowler ran off and escaped). Fine, so far. Then the newspapers picked up the story. Attacks continued..more people reported this. Eventually, the police started dismissing reported attacks as false alarms. It got so bad that citizens armed themselves and prowled the streets at night. The police chief stated during a September 12th press conference they'd found absolutely no evidence to support stories that have been told. Hysteria must be blamed for such seemingly accurate accounts of supposed victims." But what was it really? Victims reported 'the first symptom is an electric shock that passes through completely through the body. Later nausea developes, followed by partial paralysis. They also suffer burned mouths and throats and their faces become swollen. " August 31 to Sept 13, 1944. (see Botetourt County, Virginia).

Midlothian: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery: This is the sight of a load of supernatural occurrences like: balls of light, the ghost of a woman and a young child who stand near the shore of a pond where a satanic cult dug up their bones and threw them in the pond.

Shawneetown: The Old Slave House: A tourist attraction for history buffs and ghost hunters alike. This was once a slave owner's mansion, built in the early 1800's by a man named Crenshaw. The house is reportedly haunted by ghosts of the former slaves, as well as the ghost of Mrs. Crenshaw, who haunts the second floor.

Woodstock: Woodstock Opera House. This ghost sits in the same seat in the balcony and he's also seen walking halls and in the upper windows looking out.

Worth: Holy Sepulchre Cemetery: The grave sight of a young girl is said to have supernatural powers of healing and occurrences. If I find out whose grave, I'd let you know.


Indiana somewhere: Dark UFO's were seen crossing the sky, with lights flashing every 4 seconds. September 7, 1877.

Evansville: A 2-foot long live alligator fell from the sky on May 21, 1911.

Evansville: A woman was hanging up laundry on the line, during a cold, drizzly day. The drizzle had stopped, but started again after she'd hung her laundry. She went out to bring it into the house, only to find the baby's diapers had all spontaneously combusted. October 19, 1961.

Greenwood: Navy Reserve Station A witness "was looking to the southeast and a brightly-lit object 75 to 80 degrees in the sky caught his attention. The object looked like a star but (was) extremely intense and appeared to be moving upward. The 'pure white' light was so intense that he 'couldn't believe it.'" "The object stayed in a small area as it continued moving upward before eventually appearing as nothing more than a dim star. The object was at its brightest for 15 seconds." 8 p.m. October 1, 1997

Hammond: A witness was "looking up through my mini-blinds," she reported, "a moon-shaped object caught my eye. It was bright like the moon, sort of oval- shaped but more round. It was ten times or more bigger than any star. It was moving slowly like a plane in the western sky. It was very bright, and I said to myself, 'What the heck is that!?'" "When I did, it boomeranged back in the direction it had been traveling, but down just a little. It did that so fast that it left a streak of light behind it. I thought it was a plane going to crash." "There was no crash. I had never seen anything like that before. November 12, 1997

Hartford City: Bright silver humanoids 4 feet tall, egg shaped heads, apparently wearing some sort of flying suit seen. They flew off on an upright position. Oct 22 and 23rd, 1973.

Odon : A farmhouse with no electricity suffered 28 fires, with weird things happening. (You could open a book-the inside would be smoldering or burning, and the covers would be untouched). 1941

Roachdale: Something weird passed through here in August 1972, with numerous sightings. It sounds like a Bigfoot sighting, "a large, hairy gorilla". However, one witness reported you could never find tracks, even when it was seen running over mud, and running through weeds, it made no noise. She said "sometimes when you looked at it, it seemed you could see through it." A ghost Bigfoot? A farmer claimed it tore apart 30 of his chickens. His uncle shot at it from 100 feet (he'd killed rabbits from that distance), but it appeared unharmed. Around 40 people claimed to have seen this creature, before sightings stopped later that month. August 1972.

Roachdale: A witness in Roachdale (August, 1972) saw a glowing object hover briefly over a cornfield, and then apparently blow up. Another Bigfoot sighting happened after this.(Probably the same one as above.) Some investigators have reported Bigfoot sightings and UFO reports coming together, speculating that Bigfoot creatures are another type of alien visitor.

Sheridan: A kangaroo was spotted running around here in November 1974.

South Bend: Fish fell from the sky July 16, 1937.

Spraytown: Two miles south, a man saw a Bigfoot outside his house. It was about 8 feet tall, with dark hair, and nasty moldy odor. He went to get more witnesses, but it was gone when he got back. April 16, 1981.

Veedersburg: Five miles north of the town, a couple in a car saw a Bigfoot in their headlights. It crossed the road in leaps. About 8-9 feet tall, was upright, with dirty light brown hair. 1981.


Ames: Two college students driving back to Ames on Highway 69, spotted a strange object in the sky. The pair from Iowa State University "saw a dark orange/amber globe of light at about 40 degrees up from the horizon, to the left of the roadway. At first they thought the light was resting on a 100-foot water tower nearby, but this proved not to be the case. They proceeded west and caught sight of a full circular orb now ahead of them and moving very fast. The object finally began to sink below the horizon, and the two men watched it disappear from view." November 11, 1997

Mich Coal Mine (near Oskaloosa) 8 to 10 foot tall Bigfoot seen, December 1977.

Near Mt. Pleasant: A man fishing saw a shiny blue, translucent, egg shaped UFO land. It stayed for 15 minutes, then flew off. June 3, 1920.

Ocheyadan River: A boy saw a black, hairy 6' tall Bigfoot drinking from its' hands and footprints were later found. August 22, 1976.

Sioux City: Paul Weekly woke up in the middle of the night with an 'itching foot' only to find himself on fire. He put the fire out, only to have to happen again later that night. 1940's.

Sioux City: : The Sioux City Police Dept. received multiple reports of a Bigfoot on 17th Street in the city's Northside section. August 6, 1997


Kansas somewhere: A farmer in Kansas reported going outside only to see "an airship slowly descending upon his cow lot about 40 rods from his house." He ran in and got two witnesses, armed with axes. The UFO was now hovering about 30 feet from the ground, with a transparent, brilliantly lit undercarriage. He said the airship carried "six of the strangest beings I ever saw." They shined a beam on them and began to ascent, with a turbine wheel revolving slowly. The aircraft hoisted a calf on board, and flew away. Apparently they butchered the cow, because the farmer later learned that a neighbor had found the hide, head and legs of the heifer on his property.April 19, 1897.

Coldwater: A 12-year-old boy saw a tiny little guy, with long nose, long ears. He "floated" to a landed UFO, went inside and the UFO took off. September 1954.

Delia: A trucker spotted a Bigfoot here on July 20, 1964.

Iola: Miners saw a creature with "horns, long hair, great big eyes, standing upright" possible Bigfoot? The horns are fairly unique for a Bigfoot sighting. November 1903.

Salina: A "gorilla-like creature" left three-toed tracks in the witnesses' back yard. July 18, 1977.

Salina: A washtub sized fireball bounced around a downtown street, ripping out bricks as it struck a building. It exploded, showering littler balls of fire the size of baseballs. October 8, 1919.


Bath County: "Flakes of meat of some type" fell from the sky (it was a cloudless day) and landed in a field here. This was explained away as 'buzzard vomit!" and/or algae that had been on the ground all the time, but started growing. The area it vomited over was 100 yards long and 50 yards wide. Must have been a flock of sick buzzards.. March 8, 1876. (see Olympian Springs)

Frankfort: An employee of Kroger Supermarket in Frankfort spotted something unusual in the sky. The man sighted "a light in the sky to the west of his location." (i.e. over downtown Frankfort. Kroger Supermarket is on the east side of the city) The UFO "moved from side to side so fast that it left a noticeable streak. The object departed by blinking and climbing straight up." 2:20 a.m., October 2, 1997

Godman AFB: Three F-51 fighters chased a UFO, in an attempt to identify it. Captain Thomas Mantell in the leading plane radioed in he was gaining on it, and he was climbing to 20,000 feet. That was the last transmission from him. The other two planes lost contact as he ascended. His body and plane were found 90 miles from the base later that day. Apparently, he was flying without oxygen. Did his plane get attacked by the UFO? Did he pass out from lack of oxygen? I don't know how the Air Force explained the crash. But The Air Force explained the sighting as either the planet Venus, or a weather balloon. (Oh, sure. Three pilots not being able to identify Venus? Or a weather balloon, for that matter.) January 7, 1948.

Hopkinsville: Goblin-like little green entities harrassed a family here overnight here. A UFO landed in a field, and several little things got out and approached the house. They were about 3 1/2 feet tall, huge elephantine ears, a slit for a mouth, huge wide-set eyes. It had long arms, and clawlike hands. Several of these ran around the roof, roamed around the outside of the house, and were basically terrifying. The family ran for a car and drove off in the morning. (I don't know what happened to their visitors). July 1955

Louisville: It rained bags of cookies in November 1965.

Olympian Springs: Something fell from a clear sky, that was described as beef. It fell in flakes, on a small bit of land; 100 yards long and 50 yards wide. (anybody know if this is in Bath County? Maybe this is more sick buzzards. Or the same batch...) March 3, 1876

Stanford: 3 women driving late at night spotted a UFO and they all lost 1 hour, 25 minutes. Later hypnosis revealed they'd been abducted and examined, January 6, 1976.


Alexandria: Witnesses saw drops of water falling from a clear sky with no clouds overhead. It rained in a very small area for a couple of hours and then stopped just as oddly as it started. November 11, 1958.

Between Abbeville and Lafayette: On Highway 167, two men in a car saw a ghost car. It was a 1940's model car with the passengers wearing 1940's clothes. Then the car just vanished. I don't know if this car appears frequently or was a one-time occurrence.

Baton Rouge: Something passed overhead here, about 600 feet above the ground, and the heat from its passage was noticable on the ground. It was the 'size of a large house,' brightly lit, and visible for 15 minutes. April 5, 1800.

Gonzales: A ghost light has been seen here on a 5 mile gravel road between Gonzales and Galvez. When you get too close, the light blinks out and reappears someplace else. This was first noticed in April of 1951; I don't know if this is ongoing or not.

Highway 90 (somewhere): A woman was driving here, when this huge black cat ran in front of her headlights. She went back to take a second look and it was there grooming himself. She watched the cat for 10 minutes before driving on. She described it as 'jet black, sleek looking, well muscled with a long black that he wrapped around himself. A bit smaller, but resembling a mountain lion in looks and movement". Apparently "Felis concolor:" cougars, mountain lions, were hunted almost to extinction, and are almost never black in color." November 1945.

Marksville: Thousands of fish fell from the sky here on a small strip 75 feet wide and 1000 feet long It was foggy and calm that day, not raining. The fish were dead, but fresh. October 25, 1947.

Shreveport: : It rained hard green peaches on one house (2065 Lovers Lane) on July 12, 1961. Workmen were on the roof at the time, and said they fell from a cloud overhead.

St. Francisville: The Myrtles Bed and Breakfast: Lights turn on by themselves, a black lady in a green turban has been seen, children's voices heard, the ghost of a Confederate soldier seen.


Bucksport: Colonel Jonathan Buck (town founder) was a devoted witch hunter, who apparently executed an innocent woman. She swore when he died, the imprint of her foot would appear on his grave, as a token of her innocence. Despite all precautions, the mark did appear, and even re-appeared, after it was carefully removed.

Casco Bay: Fisherman sailing 5 miles off the coast saw a 100-foot long monster with a long neck. They watched it for 45 minutes before it disappeared. June 5, 1958.

Casco Bay (off Maine): A creature, tentatively identified as a merman, tried to get into a Mr. Mitter's boat here. The boat owner repelled the boarding party by slashing off one of its' arms. The creature sank, bleeding purple. 1600's.

Deer Island: Allen Small was found here, a victim of spontaneous combustion. The floor and carpet was scorched, but there was no source of fire present. January 13, 1943.

Near Durham: Bigfoot type sighting; this one's short, only 5 feet tall. July 1973.

Kittery Point: Flames were seen rising from the beach and the surface of the ocean. The flames were 1 foot high, emitted a sulphurous odor and crackled. No apparent explanation. September 1, 1905.

Tenants Harbor: East Wind Inn: Rooms 12 and 14 are reportedly haunted. You can feel cold spots, and hear odd noises.


Maryland somewhere: Two policemen in a car saw a yellow light coming at them. They stopped, the light stopped about 20 feet away. The cops edged forward, and the light retreated. They sped up and the light retreated faster. Eventually the light or whatever it was, got tired of playing this game and left (or went out?) July 16, 1952.

Calvert County: Ghost voices captured on tape during an investigation of haunted house. 1986.

Cheverly: UFO spotted; a white glowing circular object. It descended from the sky, stopped, was joined by a second one. They both flew away, quickly.

Harewood Park: Bigfoot-type creature seen here, apparently on multiple occasions.

Hebron: A spook light has been seen here for over 70 years. It has been known to hover, wait, stop or pace your vehicle, depending on what the observers are doing.

Point Lookout Lighthouse: Ghostly voices were caught on tape here.

Near Rocks State Park: Bigfoot-type creature seen rooting through the trash behind a restaurant. February 6, 1981.

Scaggsville: 9' Bigfoot ran across a field and into a wood, 18 inch, 5 toed tracks found in nearby garden. January 15, 1988.


Amherst: A fireball; "brilliant white light resembling burnished silver" fell slowly from the sky into Erastus Dewey's front yard. In the morning, he found some goo..a circular blob, eight inches across, one inch high. It was tan in color, and had a fuzzy coating. This coating was somehow removed (scraped, shed, or whatever..the account doesn't specify). The center gave off a nasty smell that made the witnesses dizzy and nauseated. After awhile, the blob changed color, turning blood red. Some of this was collected in a jar, where it changed again. It resembled paste, and after 2 or 3 days, dissolved completely. This was considered to be a "gelatinous fungus". August 13, 1819.

Boston: 88 miles S/SE of Boston lightship, the captain of a fishing boat spotted a huge eel-like creature, longer than his 136' boat. May 24, 1925.

Dover: the "Dover Demon" seen. This is a small creature with a large head, April 1977.

Holliston: An 8-pound armadillo found on someone's lawn, December 23, 1978.

Leicester: It rained live frogs here September 7, 1954.

Lowell: a small boy in a sailor suit and a woman haunt a house here. Alas, no address, no idea if this is an ongoing sighting or not. 1979.

Marshfield: Hot, porous rock fell from the sky on November 4, 1983.

N. Chelmsford: it rained toads on July 21, 1933.

N. Reading: blobs of jelly-like goo (unidentifiable) found 12-18th December, 1983.

S. Ashburnham: The famous Betty Andreasson UFO encounter. January 25, 1967. (She was abducted, and provided details under hypnosis).

Sudbury: Sparkling, shiny, "angel hair" stuff drifting through the sky, and a UFO was seen to fly away on October 22, 1973.


Ft. Custer Rec Area- A 9 foot tall Bigfoot-type creature was seen near the Kalamazoo River in 1981.

Gladstone: Cops followed a UFO here on March 12, 1980.

Grand Rapids: Old mansion haunted by footsteps, the scent of roses, and the ghost of an elderly man in brown tweed seen. No idea if this is a continuing apparition or not. December 15, 1981.

Grand Rapids: Large imposing mansion haunted by the former owner. An elderly man in Edwardian dress, attired for the office. He was seen to tip his hat, and then walk thru a closed door. 1973.

Millington: Boy biking home at night saw 3 Bigfeet walking beside road. One 14-inch footprint found. Sepltember 4, 1983

Monroe: A young woman was driving with her mother, when a Bigfoot stepped onto the road. She hit the brakes instead of the gas. The creature reached into her open car window and grabbed her head, giving her a black eye. Between her screaming, and honking the horn, the Bigfoot (7 feet tall and smelling really nasty) ran off. August 11, 1965

Paulding: Ghost light seen regularly December 13, 1959.

Pawpaw: A brown dust that "looked like vegetable matter" fell from the sky here, on a calm, still day. February 16, 1901.

Pontiac: Billy Peterson evidently committed suicide in his car using carbon monoxide. However when he was found, his body was badly burned but his clothing was undamaged. A plastic statue on the car's dash had melted, but the car was undamaged. Spontaneous combustion after his death? December 13, 1959. (see Hoquiam, WA)

Rockhill: An 18 inch long length of chain fell from the sky onto a bulldozer. It was hot enough to scorch the driver's gloves. At the same time driver of the 'dozer vaguely saw something that streaked away thru the sky. May 15, 1959.

Saginaw River: Fisherman sees a man-like creature, possible Bigfoot. 1937.

St. Clair County: A 13-year old girl touched a possible Bigfoot in a barn on their farm: November 1981.

Near Sturgis: Two women, driving at 3 a.m. saw a rain of brown slime,with a rotting egg smell; the car engine stopped, small flashes of lightening were seen. The car got too hot to touch,and a reddish fluorescent glow was seen in the sky (possible low aurora borealis display?). June 10, 1982.


Duluth: Van D. was sitting at home in the Morgan Park section of Duluth watching TV. "I looked out the window and all of a sudden, I saw this triangle-shaped aircraft. It had bright white lights at the end of each of the corners. Then back of the aircraftt had red lights, sort of like the engine. So I watched it fly across the sky not far from my house.""I heard nothing, absolutely nothing, no noise or anything. So then I turned and saw this other aircraft, more like the flying saucer type. It had bright red lights encircling the craft, and a bright white light on top. So I watched it fly across, too. No sound at all." Van ran upstairs to get a telescope. By the time he returned, "they seemed to have disappeared." Then, about 20 minutes later, he "saw the saucer-shaped object flying far beyond my backyard, but it was moving too fast for me to see anything with the telescope." 9:30 p.m. September 6, 1997

North of Floodwood: A hunter saw a 4 1/2 foot Bigfoot which jumped out of a tree and walked into the woods. November 12, 1968. 

Island Lake, Near Duluth: A tall white Bigfoot was seen walking across a yard; Junuary 26, 1973. 

La Crescent: Hunter heard footsteps and saw a huge black hairy Bigfoot which ran off screaming when the gun went off accidentally. 1968

Little Falls: Foil or tinsel fell from the sky on August 1, 1957.

Near Margie: Man saw a reddish Bigfoot in the swamp. Nov 1978

Minneapolis: It rained frogs and toads to 3 inches deep on July 2, 1901.

Minneapolis: UFO(s) spotted on October 11, 1953.

Between Osakis and Eagle Bend: A "Ball of fog" hit a man's car like a shovel of fine gravel, but with a blast and intense heat. May 10, 1961

St. Cloud: Starfish fell during a rainstorm on April 21, 1985.

St. George: A UFO was photographed by a Deputy sheriff. Disc shaped and silvery with a spinning outer rim. October 21, 1965.

Near Tower: Several kids spotted a Bigfoot in the woods. This Bigfoot was white, not the more usual brown or black. July 1972.


Near Bay Springs: Mystery animal was attacking pigs, and eating only their ears. Witnesses seeing this animal couldn't identify it. It was described as 6 feet long, waist high, large head w/short ears, shaggy tail, black and grey and faintly dog-like. January through March, 1977.

Near Coldwater: A man walking home at night saw a ball of light come over the fence and across the road. He put his hand through it and felt nothing. 1929 or 1930.

Near Meridian: A trucker saw a landed UFO with 3 propellers and 3 little men come out of it. He couldn't understand what they were saying. They went back in and the UFO took off-straight up. November 7, 1957.

Pascagoula: Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker see UFO and entities while fishing the river at night. They were abducted, and Hickson was examined, October 11, 1973.

Pascagoula River: An underwater USO was seen in the river: it was 3 feet long and had an amber light or lights. November 6, 1973.

Tippah County: An 8 year-old boy, Jemmie Kenney, was carried off by a huge eagle here. The eagle eventually dropped him, but the resulting fall killed the boy. 1868.

Near Winona: 2 men saw a 7' tall Bigfoot running along the road in Novermber 1966.


Missouri-Illinois Border: A number of people reported seeing a huge bird like a condor, the size of a Piper Cub airplane here in 1948.

Cedar Hill: Ghostly voice and laughter heard in haunted house.(No address.) Early 1980's.

Columbia: Stephens College: A ghost student and her lover, a Confederate soldier, haunt Senior Hall, where the two supposedly met.

Near Collings: Mystery light called "El Dorado Light" occasionally seen on a farm.

Neosho: Spooklights are frequently seen here on Spooklight Road, so they ought to be easy to locate! Some researchers were convinced that they're headlights from cars, but they've been seen in the area before the advent of cars, or the local US 66 Highway. The Ozark Spooklight has been seen regularly near the village of Hornet, since 1886 or so. It disappears when approached.

Rock Hill, St. Louis: An 18-inch long heavy chain fell from the sky: May 15, 1959.

St. Louis: Spider webby material floated out of the sky, mostly dissolving when touched. Remains analyzed were found to be of non-biological origin. October 1969.

St. Louis: It rained beans here in September 1945.

Springfield: 12 cobras and a boa were found in 1953.


Cascade: A witness was driving on Highway 15 south of Cascade when she saw a snake between 20 and 30 feet long with coils at least 3 feet across, and resembling a cobra. October 1978.

Flathead Lake: A lake monster reportedly lives here.

Kalispell: 3 hikers see a possible Bigfoot on June 9, 1985.

Rocky Boy Reservation: A Bigfoot was seen outside a house. A bunch of footprints were found, about 14 inches long, 8 inches wide, with four toes. It had long reddish hair, and ran off in a ape-like manner. April 1981.

Vaughn: Two teenaged girls went to check on their horses. They observed a Bigfoot about 7 1/2 feet tall, twice as wide as a man. One of the girls had a .22 rifle, which she fired to scare it away. This did nothing, and she fired again. The girls ran off, but saw the first one with 3 or 4 others. Both girls passed a lie detector test. December 26, 1975.


Near Ashland: A cop saw a UFO and he lost some time. Later, under hypnosis he recalled an abduction, where he talked with aliens who were stealing electricity from power lines. December 3, 1967.

Council Bluffs: 3 blobs of molten metal fell, December 17, 1977, and July 10, 1978.

Falls City: A man saw a human form with wings like polished aluminum flying overhead in Autumn 1956.

Harlon County Lake: A 12-inch piranha was found in the lake, Sept. 1987.

Kearney: Reinhold Schmidt saw landed UFO 30' wide, on four legs with a staircase. Two men came down, and took him inside. There were 4 people, ordinary looking men and women inside, who told him they were doing no harm, and he would know all about it in a short time. They asked him to leave, which he did. November 5, 1957. I'm unclear as to the total number of people involved here, 4?

Lincoln: Nebraska Wesleyan University: researcher head ghostly footsteps, felt intense energy, then pure fear. He ran. (1972). I don't know his actual location aside from "in the University."

Macy: 3-toed tracks, 15 inches long found in June 1986.

Surprise: Farmer sees a lion,and later a lion and mate were seen by woman in town. Summer 1954.

Utica: 6 foot critter with long hair, glowing yellow eyes and goat-like from waist down seen in December 1982.



Diamond Mountains: Bigfoot was seen a and 15 inch print found, early 1960's.

Lake Meade: An Air Force pilot saw 5 or 6 odd looking craft near here, June 28, 1947.

Near McDermitt: Ghost lights were seen on Oregon Canyon Ranch.

Walker Lake: Frogs fell from the sky in a rainstorm: summer 1983. And a lake monster has been reported here.


Alstead: Mrs. Mabel Metcalf called the fire department to tell them "her walls were too hot." There'd been a several electrical storm (it was just ending off) so they assumed lightning was somehow the cause. When they got there, they found that her walls were too hot to touch, and with no evident cause. (no blown fuses, fires, smoldering in wiring, etc). They sprayed the house to cool it off, which didn't work. The house apparently cooled off, hours later, with firemen still in attendance and wondering what the hell was going on. July 23, 1961.

Manchester: Ellen Coutres spontaneously combusted here in December 1949. There was no sign of fire present.


Bernardsville - Bernardsville Public Library -some part of it is supposed to be haunted.

Barnegat Bay: A teenager saw a big silvery object drop in the bay, it made a low rumbling noise. UFO crash?  April 18, 1979.

Butler: A ghostly voice was heard in cemetery: the witnesses weren't speaking and no one else was around. July 7, 1924.

Cape May - Cape May County Historical Museum - the ghost of a man with a deep voice haunts this place.

Clifton: All electrical wires in a residence were fused and fires were starting in the outlets, even when the power was cut off. The fire department was baffled. January 31, 1988. (See Wharn Cliff, WV)

Dennisville - Henry Ludlam Inn - Haunted by someone/something.

 Dover: Lillian Green spontaneously combused here. No source of fire- but her clothes were burned, the floor was slightly scorched. December 1916.

Everittstown: An egg-shaped UFO hovers in from of witnesses' barn, he sees a 3' entity with froggy eyes. The alien told him in bad English that he'd come in peace, but wanted the dog. The Witness said "Get the hell out of here, " and aparently, they did. November 6, 1957.

Ft. Monmouth: (1) Army Signal Corps radar center had an apparently visual sighting of an object that the automatic tracking couldn't pick up. 11:10 a.m. (2) At 11:35 over Point Pleasant a jet pilot flying over the city saw a silver disc shaped UFO travelling way below him, an estimated 30-50 feet in diameter. 11:35 a.m. (3) At 3:15 p.m. The Army Signal Corps center back at Ft. Monmouth picked up an object travelling at 93,000 feet. One busy UFO, or three seperate events? All on September 10, 1951

Franklin Township - Van Wickle home -  It is a beautiful home that has a cemetery right on the entrance to the driveway.  It has been rumored to be haunted and many documented sightings are on hand.

Greenwich: Farmer killed a mysterious, unidentifiable critter that was stealing his chickens. December 1925.

Lake Oberst: Spherical, glowing UFO landed, leaving behind an 18 inch deep crater. September 4, 1964.

Lake Wanaque: Ghost lights seen on hills to the west.

Madison Township: A 70-lb chunk of ice crashed through a man's roof here on September 2, 1958.

Mays Landing: A kangaroo was reportedly seen here several times, possibly living in a swamp. 1900

Midland Park: Crayhay Mansion. This place is haunted by several ghosts, including a cat. No address, sorry.

Morristown: Water's Edge Cafe. A heavyset male ghost appears on the stairs here.

Newton: Buckshot fell inside a house for several days. March 1929.

Point Pleasant: A jet pilot flying over Pt. Pleasant saw a silver disc shaped UFO travelling way below him, an estimated 30-50 feet in diameter. 11:35 a.m. This is probably the same UFO from Ft. Monmouth. September 10, 1951 (see Ft. Monmouth)

Rahway: Lumps of an unknown white jelly was found on the ground here about November 1833.

Raritan: It rained nails in July, 1955.

Rio Grande: Sewing equipment in a gift shop started running by itself. Ghost, poltergeist? 1979.

Near Salem: Bigfoot shook a car here around 1927.

Somerville: A feline, described as lion, tiger, or panther was seen by several people in 1921. No lion, tiger or panther was reported lost.

New Mexico, (over) Two pilots observed two pale green 'flares' 22 minutes apart over New Mexico. They were sure they weren't meteors. December 5, 1948. (see Sandia, NM)

Anthony: Possible Bigfoot sighting in 1968

Arrey: A UFO sighted on April 24, 1949..

Artesia: Black 7' Bigfoot was see standing in an alley October 10, 1980.

Chuska Mountains: Shepherds shot at an 8' Bigfoot, which was wounded. It ran off to join two others. Late 1960's.

Cimmaron: St. James Hotel: Poltergeist activity 1980's. No idea if this is continuing.

Near Gallup: Toads fell during a rain shower, June 1949.

Lake Arthur: A woman was frying tortillas and found one thatís apparently marked with Christ's face. This was enshrined in the church there. October 1977.

Las Cruces: Prof. Clyde Tombaugh (the discoverer of Pluto) reported seeing 6 or 8 greenish lights here in August 1949.

Lovington: A red fireball type object seen, and hundreds of rocks fell around a house; 1942.

Roswell: Aside from the obvious Roswell incident; a portrait of Christ bled here, May 25 and 26, 1979.

Sandia Base: An unexplained 'greenish flare" was seen here December 6, 1948. Observers and investigators agreed it wasn't a meteor. It seemed to move in a direction parallel to the Earth, and they said it resembled a flare, although larger than one. They also said it was larger and brighter than a shooting star, meteor or flare. "The object seemed to burn out (and) ..a trail of glowing fragments reddish orange in color was observed falling toward the ground." (New Mexico, top).

Sitting Bull Falls: Bigfoot was seen here by some campers. October 1980.

Socorro: UFO landing in the desert, witnessed by patrolman Lonnie Zamora. He also saw an alien standing beside it. The UFO took off with a loud roaring. April 24, 1964.

Vallecitos: A mysterious explosion was heard in a field. Mud and grass were thrown up to a quarter of a mile away, leaving a crater 8 feet deep, 75 feet across. July 1983.

White Sands: A crew in a plane was tracking a skyhook balloon when they saw two discs fly in low, from the horizon. They rose, circled the balloon at approximately 90,000 feet, tipped on edge, then rapidly vanished. They were estimated at 60 feet in diameter. When the balloon was brought in, it was ripped. 1948 or 1949.

Whitewater: A Bigfoot ran beside a car at 45 mph, until the occupants shot at it. January 1970.

New York:

New York:  Witnesses all over New York reported seeing a bright round craft with dark markings. July 3, 1884.

Brooklyn: A "winged, human form" was seen over Brooklyn, according to the "New York Sun". September 18, 1877.

Buffalo: Small fish were found in puddles after a rainstorm, summer 1900. It also rained fish September 29th, 1939.

Cherry Creek: A 16-year old boy saw a UFO land nearby.It was 50' long, football shaped. It stayed for a few seconds, then left, leaving burned grass and a weird smell. August 19, 1965.

Clarendon (near) : It rained little frogs during a rain shower on October 5, 1937.

Colonie: Loud artillery-like booms were heard inside a house, usually at night. No explanation could be found. August-September 1984.

Conklin: 5 boys saw a UFO and an alien in field; the alien made a kazoo- like noise. July 16, 1964.

Dexter: A 7' Bigfoot was seen near a hardware store on August 3, 1983.

Hempstead: Three icons of the Virgin Mary (in a private house) wept for several days between March-May 1960.

Irvington: House haunted by two ghosts,and a delicate scent announced the arrival of one of them. No address, sorry. 1966.

Kingston: Mrs. Stanley Lake was a SHC victim here in January 1930. She was severely burned, but her clothes were not even scorched.

Lancaster: Arthur Baugard was a victim of SHC on February 1, 1943. Only his body was burned.

Long Island Sound: A possible UFO landing in the Sound on June 22, 1957.

New York: YES! An alligator was found in the sewer of East 123rd Street, February 1935.

NYC: A ghost was seen outside an office, East 62nd street, Oct. 1987.

NYC: Possible UFO sighting at a Garth Brooks outdoor concert in Central Park, which drew a capacity crowd of 300,000. "A few of us noticed a strange object in the sky to the east of Central Park," a witness reported. I glanced at the sky and saw a yellow or amber light over the trees to the east. It seemed to be staying still so I watched it a little longer. I noticed a light that seemed to sparkle or flare downward. August 7, 1997

Montauk Point: A sea monster was sighted in 1929.

Metropolitan Opera House: A ghost woman in the audience spoke to someone she was sitting next to in 1955.

North Greenbush: papers with mathemetical calculations fell from the sky with no apparent explanation. July 24, 1973.

Oyster Bay: A high school science teacher observed a 'weird cloud' that changed shapes, floated across the roof of his house, going back and forth. Then it apparently 'puckered up' like two lips, and directed a stream of water at him and his car. The water was indeed water, and there wasn't any suggestion that the cloud was anything other than a very weird cloud. Summer 1975.

Rockaway Shoals, Long Island: A sea monster was seen July 18, 1913.

Rotterdam: A house here developed a mysterious and annoying hum that never seemed to quit. The family weren't sure when it first started, but they started getting headaches, toothaches, earaches. They noticed the source of this problem was this annoying hum. The electric company couldn't pinpoint the problem-they even said there was NO problem. The Air Force got involved, and also claimed there was no humming noise. Yet visitors to the house could also hear it. The family finally had to move out. No date.

S. Granville: During a heavy rain, a snake also fell from the sky (stunned but alive). July 3, 1860.

West Point, U.S. Military Academy at West Point: The School's superintendent's quarters, built in 1820, are said to be haunted by Molly, the Irish cook for the house's first occupant, Col. Sylvanus Thayer.


Asheville:  Reed House. Haunted by a ghost who loves to play pool. You can hear him playing pool at various hours. Reed House Bed & Breakfast: 119 Dodge Ave.

Beaufort:  Hammock House. Unfortunately, this is now a private residence. Blackbeard the pirate used to live here, and apparently you can hear men fighting-being a truly hospitable guy, Blackbeard killed two of his men and buried them beneath his front porch. You can also see strange lights (Or you could if you could go in!)

Bladenboro: Mysterious fire-a woman's dress would catch on fire for no reason. Little blue flames would appear out of thin air and were witnessed by several people. After 5 days of this, the fires stopped. January 1932.

Brown Mountain Lights: These are pretty famous spooklights. Some have been satisfactorily explained as refractions of artificial lights, but apparently lights appear in the trees that aren't explainable.

Cape Hatteras: Near the lighthouse. Aaron Burr's daughter Theodosia drowned in a shipwreck off the coast in 1812. She walks on the shore late at night near the lighthouse.

Chapel Hill: Dromgoole Castle. Peter Dromgoole got involved in a duel over a girl and bled to death. He's still haunting the Castle at Highway 15-501, 10 miles SW of Durham. It's near the University of North Carolina.

Charlotte: A little patch of ground between two trees got rain every day for three weeks in a row, sometimes from a completely clear sky. October 1886.

Gastonia: A single French franc fell from the sky in October 1958. The witness saw it fall because she was working in her garden outside, but there was no planes overhead at the time.

Harrisburg,: A glittery thing the size of a bowling ball 'drifted' into a lake. It was observed falling and was reported to be moving with unnatural slowness. The witness rowed out into the lake to get this thing, which was disintegrating when he found it. It was studded with dozens of little spikes, and glittered brilliantly. In a couple of hours it was a pile of shredded wire and a few hours after that, it dropped into the lake. September, 1962. (See Ducannon, Wexford, Ireland)

Simpson County: Fresh pieces of meat and blood fell out of a red cloud and landed in an area about 30 feet wide, 300 yards long. February 15, 1849.


Absaraka: An abandoned Methodist Church showed mysterious lights, with no one inside. November 1987

Near Cannonball River: Men chased a 9' Bigfoot in a pickup; it ran as fast as a horse. Sept. 1977

Fargo: A pilot in an F-51 fighter chased a possible UFO, October 1, 1948.

Between Fargo and Kindred: Ghost light seen on the road, 1968.

Kildeer Mountains: A large Bigfoot-like creature seen and huge footprints were found; 1900.


Ayersville: Water flowed inside a house, down walls, inside drawers, etc. No leaks were found. July 5-10, 1975

Baberton: A painting of the Virgin Mary is seen to weep. At St Jude Orthodox Church tears are reported to flow from the Virgin's eyes on the two-by-three-foot painting. St Jude's pastor, Father Roman, like many of the visitors to the church, believes the event in Barberton is a miracle; "a sign of compassion from God." He says of the painting: "If it gives some blessing, we'd like people to come and see it. We want to try to bring people back to church and God." 1992 ongoing?

Cincinnati: A house here (440 Boal St.) was rained on by something that was described as resembling 'watery blood except that it was oily." There was a little cloud overhead, and it seemed to be several colors, red, greens and pinks, which seemed to be the source of the oily stuff. The witness, who was outside during this, noticed his hands starting burning where this stuff had touched him. He went inside and washed, and when he came back out the cloud was gone and the rain had stopped. All his peach trees died in a short time, and grass where this stuff had fallen also died. No idea what this stuff was and there were no planes overhead to drop anything. Samples were taken and results were never shared with the owner. July 22, 1950.

Cleveland: Calvary Cemetery: Music was heard coming from a girl's grave, (with no radios nearby or other apparent source).November 1936

Dayton: Wright-Patterson AFB: The supposed location of Hanger 18-a storage location for UFO evidence, technology, bodies, etc.

Greensburg: A fishing line stretched off into the sky (not a kite, balloon, or any other conventional source). September 1978.

Grover City: An animal resembling a kangaroo was seen here in 1949.

Harrisonville: It rained stones for several days in October 1901.

Kenton: A triangular UFO was spotted here; a woman driving on Route 53 in Hardin County, near Kenton, observed a "triangular- shaped object with three white lights in a triangle configuration." The sighting lasted for one to two minutes as the object moved from the northeast to the southwest. It moved at a steady pace slightly faster than an airplane. The object's altitude was bordering the cloud ceiling (8,000 feet), the lights occasionally dimming as it was obscured by clouds. There was a light rain falling at the time of the sighting."12:40 a.m, August 20, 1997

Lockland: Mary Martin was sitting in a kitchen chair when she burst into flames, an apparent case of SHC. August 3, 1962

Near Loudonville: A Ghost light seen over fields over a thirteen-year span.

New Philadelphia: Ghostly voices heard in a haunted house: 1970.

Rome: A Bigfoot 7 to 9' tall was reportedly scaring livestock here in June-July 1981.

Westerville: A white marble cylinder fell from the sky. It was about a foot long, and weighed 3 pounds. (not a lot of planes in the sky in 1910, either!) Summer, 1910.

Xenia: A 3-foot crocodile was caught in Huffman Pond on July 6, 1936.


Ada: Ghost lights were seen on Bushy Ranch, 1962

Alva: Unexplainable house fires were witnessed by several people. Some of these fires appeared to be starting in mid-air. March 14, 1922.

Arapaho: Mysterious voice heard in the cemetery was identified as the just-buried (1972) voice of George Smith, calling "Oh, no! Oh, my God! Robina has not been saved." Apparently his daughter died in a car wreck in 1936, and he'd been concerned for the state of her soul. This was going on until at least 1980.

Calumet: A weird unidentifiable animal, like a wolf/deer cross was sighted, 1951.

Claremore: (Highway 20, East of Claremore) A 11 or 12 year old boy was hitching a ride. A woman gave him a ride-he asked to be let out near a culvert, close to Pryor. There wasn't much around, so she turned to ask him where he lived, and he vanished. (1965) Two years later, talking to someone else about it, she heard the boy had been phantom hitchhiking as far back as 1936.

Near Kenton: Ghost lights seen 8 miles to east and 15 miles to south-west.

Lawton: An ape-like creature was seen here however, it was wearing pants. February 1971.

S. Canadian River: (near Norman): A 4 1/2 foot crocodile was killed. November, 1901


Boring (along the banks of the Sandy River): It rained salamanders here in June 1911.

Gold Hill: Somewhere on the banks of Sardine Creek is a shack which seems to be built over a spot where gravity intensifies or something. The hut is tilted, but a person inside still seems to lean towards magnetic north. Heights appear to change, depending on whether or not you are inside this Vortex or not. 4303 Sardine Creek Rd.

Grants Pass: A Bigfoot was spotted on the road on October 23, 1983.

McMinnville: A farmer here took two pictures of a (standard saucer-type) UFO that even the Condon Report couldn't figure out how to pass off as weather balloons or Venus. May 11, 1950.

Portland: Porcelain-type fragments fell from the sky on July 21, 1920.

Sixes River area: Hairy "animal-man' was seen drinking from the stream. 1900.

Tillamook area: A Bigfoot followed a couple up a hill here in October 1981.

Tillamook Head: UFO dropped into the sea a few miles off shore on January, 1965.

Willamette Pass area: A UFO was photographed; however, it showed up in a triple image, indicating it was moving faster than the camera. November 22, 1966.


Arnold: Kids chased a little green entity in February 1981.

Appalachian Mountains: A 40 foot long snake was reported by hikers in 1919 and seen off and on ever since. It's been speculated to spend the winter in coal mines.

Bernville: A farmer here heard a weird noise and looked up to see a large, white object falling out of the sky. It was a 50 pound block of ice, and another, about 25 pounds landed in a flower bed. July 30, 1957.

Boothwyn: A statue of Christ bled at the hands. The hands were removed for further examination and they continued to bleed. April 1975

Broad Top Mountain: Hikers saw a 40-foot long snake.

Near Chrysville: Man saw a landed UFO. He looked in to see a room full of instruments and bathed in a violet light. No one was inside at the time. Summer 1933

Clinton County somewhere: A gigantic bird (?) was seen here. It's wingspan was almost that of an airplane, according to witnesses. October 28, 1970.

Coudersport: Dr. John Bentley spontaneously combusted on December 5, 1966. . He was a pipe smoker, and could possibly have caught his robe on fire. But he managed to get his robe off in the bathroom. The fire damage was confined to a small area, and there was remarkably little left of the Doctor.

E. Pennsboro Township: A Bigfoot was seen standing outside a house at night, a motorist also spotted a Bigfoot on the road, same area. September 25, 1985.

Gray Station: A Bigfoot tossed wood at a man (near some RR tracks) December 13, 1986. A Bigfoot walked in front of a car on February 1, 1987.

Greensburg: An 8' gorilla-like creature with glowing red eyes was seen and a 3-toed footprint was later found. July 1972.

Lancaster County: They've got a ghost tour, if you're looking for something to do. Ghost Tours of Lancaster County:

Near Latrobe: There were 3 sightings of an 8' tall Bigfoot on July 3, 1987.

Milford area: Woman sees 20-foot diameter UFO over barn, with an entity sitting on the rim?! May 1957.

New Alexandria area: Bigfoot was seen at night on a back road on May 16, 1987.

North Philadelphia: Gary Heidnik imprisoned 5 women in his basement at 3520 N. Marshall. (Two of these women died).

Philadelphia: In 1977 Ira Einhorn killed his girlfriend Holly Maddux in his upstairs apartment at 3411 Race Street.

Philadelphia: A jelly-like goo fell into a field (in the vicinity of Vare Blvd & 26th). It was about 6' in diameter, and emitted a purplish glow. It evaporated or dissolved within a half an hour. September 26, 1950.

S. Philadelphia: Ball lightning (apparently) floated through a closed window into a woman's house. She put her hand through it at one point, feeling nothing. Later the back of her hand appeared burned, and the hair on the back of her head fell out. The ball caused no other damage, and floated out through another closed window. Summer 1960

York: . A mysterious brown substance apparently fell from the sky on Rose Snell's property. It splattered the house, the roof, the windows, the barn, the stone driveway, the trees. Police can't figure out what it is. . "There was not one side of the house that was missed." . The brown splotches covered everything on her property. "It's everywhere" Snell said. The officer checked a neighbors home. No dots. No splatters. The next suspicion: sewage from an airplane passing overhead. Thats not likely, said Arlene Salac, a spokeswoman for the eastern region of the Federal Aviation Administration. Airplane pilots cannot push a button to discharge sewage in midair, she said. January 21, 1998


Bailey's Beach: A man spotted a red sphere bobbing on the ocean; it then rose into the air and flew away. April 29, 1961.

Block Island: (The Palantine Light). In 1752 the "Palantine was" wrecked here, carrying immigrants from Holland. The Islanders managed to save all but one passenger ( before looting and burning the ship). The woman had hidden herself in panic, but emerged screaming for help as the burning ship was being swept out to sea. Around Christmas (sporadically-this isn't an apparition with a regular schedule), you are supposed to be able to seen the burning wreck of the Palantine. It could be St. Elmo's fire or have some other "normal" explanation, except that for the last 250 years, it's only been seen during Christman week.

Providence: Fish fell during a rainstorm on May 15, 1900.



Big Sioux River (Near Bruce) 3 foot Bigfoot-like critter spotted on the riverbank. September, 1979.

Campbell Lake: Odd giant, 4-legged dragon like creature seen. Animals had been reported missing around the lake, and huge tracks were found. 1934.

Charleston: It rained on a house and it's lawn four times in one week. The sky was cloudless at the time. October 1886.

Charleston: It rained rocks here in a small area, 3 times in one day. The rocks were 'warm to the touch' and fell on the sidewalk outside the "Charleston News and Courier" office. September 4, 1886.

Green Grass: Possible Bigfoot spotted, 6-7' tall on August 9, 1977.

Jefferson area: Bigfoot was seen dragging something through an alfalfa field on September 6, 1974.

Little Eagle area: More possible Bigfoot sightings, August-December 1977.

Nemo area: Kids saw a Bigfoot on a hill in March 1974.

Rauville area: 5' Bigfoot critter seen beside a road, multiple sightings in the area. October 22, 1979.


Ellsworth AFB: An Air Defense Command radar station here picked up "an almost stationary UFO at 16,000 feet. It was well-defined, solid and bright. It picked up speed, circled Rapid City, and went back to where it started. A F -84 jet was sent there, and got to within 3 miles of it. The UFO took off, with the jet tailing it. The pilot turned back about 120 miles north, due to fuel problems. The UFO followed him back, at a respectable distance. Another jet went up, saw the UFO, which again let the jet get within 3 miles before taking off. The second plane returned to base. August 1953.


Dante: A UFO was spotted in field at 6:30 am. The 12-year-old witness went out again 20 minutes later-he saw his dog and 2 others near the UFO, where 2 men and a woman dressed normally were trying to grab his dog. They grabbed a different dog, walked through the side of the UFO which took off, silently. A block of grass 5 X 24' was pressed down where it had been. See "Kearny, Nebraska" where a similar thing took place the day before-this sighting hadn't been reported in the papers, so the kid couldn't have known about it. November 6, 1957.

Gallatin: David Lang disappeared in full view of his family and a friend. He was walking across a field and vanished, while his family and a friend watched. They ran to see what happened to him, but he was gone. The ground was hard and when examined, there were no holes for him to have fallen into. After a long search, his family gave up. Several months later, his 12 year-old daughter was walking across the field, and noticed a circle of grass in a twenty foot circle was coarse and rank, and the cows wouldn't eat the grass there. The daughter impulsively cried "Father, are you around?" and heard "Help!" from what sounded like a distance. She ran back to the house and got her mother, and they searched. They were still unable to determine where he was. They went back, day after day, calling and searching. Their fathers' voice answered, growing fainter and fainter each day, until it finally faded away. David Lang was never found. September 23, 1880. (see Austria).

Elizabeth: About a ton of polyethylene film fell from the sky, 1961.

Knoxville: Copper Ridge Baptist Church: All five sanctuary windows began exhibiting the patterns of even-armed crosses. The crosses aren't on the windows themselves, but show up outside the building. They appear different, depending on day or night. May undocumented claims of healing have occured since the crosses started to appear. November 1995, and ongoing to the best of my knowledge. Copper Ridge Baptist Church: 8726 Majors Road, Knoxville, TN 37938.

Memphis: Odd unnatural daytime darkness lasting about 15 minutes panicked folks on December 2, 1904.

Memphis: A very small storm deposited water and-snakes, thousands of them in a two block long area. January 15, 1877.

Robertson: A 6-foot kangaroo was spotted on Highway 49 on June 1984. No zoo reported losing a 'roo.

Shiloh: One of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War took place here. People have occasionally reported seeing a 'phantom battle of Shiloh" taking place here.


Texas (somewhere): A farmer saw an odd, fast moving object, and his description was "a large saucer." January 24, 1878

Camp Hood: Unidentified little white or green lights were seen here near Killeen Base (apparently some section of Camp Hood). This alarmed the base commander, who stated that this was not due to natural causes. March to perhaps December 1948?

Dallas: Mrs. Olga Stephens was apparently a victim of spontaneous combustion as she sat in her car. The car was barely damaged, which seems usual in SHC cases. October 1964.

Dallas: It rained live fish(and one kind only!) here on June 18, 1958.

Damon: A deputy sheriff had been recently bitten by his son's pet alligator.(Boy, them Texans is tough!)Then to top off his week, he had a UFO encounter. Oddly enough, the alligator bit started to heal at an amazingly fast rate after his encounter. (In contrast to other people who've gotten too close, and suffered nasty sicknesses: Houston TX, December 1980 and Falcon Lake, Manitoba, CN).

Esperanza Creek: Ghost light seen frequently, 1-3 feet above the ground.

Farmersville: A 12- year old boy found a little green man 18" tall. It had no clothes on, and seemed to be dressed in something like a rubber suit. Dogs tore him to pieces and the internal organs seemed human. May 1913.

Fort Worth: A city street developed a mysterious bulge, 20 feet long, which swayed back and forth. It appeared mysteriously, and then vanished, also mysteriously. Excavations revealed the soil was undisturbed down to 8 feet-and no signs of gas leak or other explanation. July 1984.

Fort Worth: Fish fell from the sky on May 8, 1985.

Frisco: A bright light fell over the neighborhood, and the next day Martin and Sybil Christian found 3 purple blobs on their from lawn. One dissolved; two were frozen and sent away for analysis. They were determined to be waste from a nearby battery factory. The factory didn't agree with this, and they refused to accept the responsibility. Supposedly, the blob and the factory waste were different, and not even similar. August 10, 1979.

Galveston: Jean Lefite's pirate ship is still supposedly seen in the harbor here, where it sunk in the 1820's.

Greggson: A woman saw a 'huge, shaggy, wolflike creature, with baleful, glowing, slitted eyes. I could see its bared white fangs." It was clawing at the screen of her bedroom window. She got a flashlight, and it ran off. She watched, expecting it to come out of the bushes, but instead an extremely tall man walked out of the bushes and walked hurriedly down the road. July 1958.

Houston: A winged man was seen in a tree on  June 18, 1953.

Houston: Two women and a boy were driving when a glowing, UFO shooting flames hover over the road in front of their car. They got out of the car to watch, (since it was blocking their way). The UFO radiated a lot of heat. It sat there for 10 minutes, and then left. The witnesses suffered what sounds like radiation sickness; vomiting, diarrhoea, red skin, loss of hair, stomachaches, and vision problems. December 1980.

Isabel: During a religious revival, people saw falling stars and Jesus appeared in the sky, August 2, 1927.

Lampasas: A house is haunted by the phantom odor of liver and onions every Friday.

Levelland: Several reports of egg-shaped UFO's which landed on a road, (greatly to motorists' surprise.) Their engines then stopped running. November 2-3rd, 1957.

Near Los Fresnos: An ambulance driver saw a pterodactyl-like creature on August 14, 1983.

Lubbock: A wave of UFO sightings happened here in 1951. Several UFO's travelling in formation appeared on 14 separate occasions.

Marfa: The Marfa Lights are rather famous ghost lights. Most often seen in/on Mitchell Flats. They apparently look like lanterns in the Chinati Mountains. You can't get close to them, and they've been seen in the area since 1883.

Marshall: A "meteor" or something landed here in someone's yard.It was hot when it landed and it was still too hot to handle 30 minutes later. It looked like burned wood, but weighted 16 pounds. However, when it landed, it only dug a 4 inch deep hole-whereas if it had been a actual meteor, it would have dug a sizeable hole. July 11, 1961.

San Antonio: Another pterodactyl-type sighting on February 24, 1976.

Saratoga: Saratoga Lights on Bragg Road, 8 mile stretch: a glowing ball of light; it moves around then disappears and may appear in front or behind you. Apparetnly this light sticks to this particular road, which follows old railroad tracks. Naturally, the supernatural explanation of this is that this is the lantern of a murdered, decapitated brakeman.


Bear Lake: A lake monster has been reported here since 1860.

Cedar Fort: A rancher saw a kangaroo, June 1981. (No kangaroo reported missing).

Clearfield: Two men driving on Interstate Highway 15 in Clearfield, Utah saw "a triangular craft with white lights at each point and a red light on top." The UFO was flying over Hill Air Force Base, a salt desert area just west of the Wasatch mountain range. 5 a.m. September 6, 1997

Near Elizabeth Lake: 3 Bigfeet were seen playing in a meadow on July 10, 1977.

Little Malad River Valley: A cross shaped hole 15 feet in diameter was found after an earthquake, with dirt clods hurled up to 14 feet away. No explanation for this. February, 1979.

Near Monte Christo: White apish creature seen by hunter: autumn 1979.

Monticello: Hunters saw a creature around 4' tall, short, black hair, possibly a young Bigfoot. October 1959 

Riverdale: A Bigfoot seen running across a road on February 25, 1980.

Salt Lake City: A mysterious gooey, salty substance fell from the sky on March 25, 1955.

S. Weber area: Bigfoot sightings February 3-4, 1980

Woods Cross: A 50 pound piece of ice fell through the Phillips Petroleum Plant roof here in February 1965.


Burlington: A strange torpedo-shaped UFO was seen in the sky, about 6' long, approx. 50' above town buildings. Streams of fire issued from it and it was surrounded by a dim light. 1907

Rutland area: 8-10' Bigfoot seen by a couple,and a cop also saw it run across a road. July 1974.

W. Rutland: A man sees a possible Bigfoot under a street light, he also smelled it (it stunk).3 other people also saw it. 1985

Windsor: It 'misted' inside the house of a couple here. They'd lived here for 9 or 10 years without any odd things happening. All of a sudden, water started collecting on everything in the house. It would regather if sponged off. Once the owner was carrying an empty bowl from one room to another, and the bowl filled with water on the way. No cause for this was discovered and eventually it ceased. September 1955.


Alexandria: A woman camping spotted Bigfoot fifteen feet from her. July 1965. They've also got a ghost tour (so they must have ghosts, right?) Lantern Light Ghost Tour:

Arlington: Mystery animal (medium dog sized, no tail, no hair, big teeth) reported roaming the area and killing pets. June 1974.

Blackstone: Beans and peas fell during a rain on August 1962.

Botetourt County: Three 'gassing' attacks were reported here on December 22. Nausea, headaches, and tightening of the mouth and throat muscles was reported by the victims. A man was seen running off by some victims, and a woman's shoeprint was found under the window the gas supposedly entered. More attacks were reported, citizens armed themselves to find the person(s) responsible. The symptoms were basically the same as Mattoon, Illinois-although this incident didn't get the coverage Mattoon's gas attacks did. (see Mattoon, IL). December 22, 1933 to January 1934.

Colonial Beach: Repeated site of possible Bigfoot visits. There's been Bigfoot sightings, nasty odors and weird howling at night. 1977, 1978, and 1980. People started seeing big, dark shapes with glowing eyes, bad smells, etc. again in 1985-1987.

Fort Monroe: Several hauntings. Fort Monroe has been "visited" by such presidential poltergeists as Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. The ghost of former SGM Edgar Allan Poe is said to occasionally visit. The White Lady is evidently the most commonly sighted apparition. During the Civil War she and her husband, a captain, lived in one of the houses here. The White Lady took a lover; the husband found out and shot her. Apparently, she's still wandering around looking for her lover.

Newport News: The Captain and crew of a DC-4 saw 8 fiery red discs July 14, 1952.

Near Suffolk: Spook light seen on Jackson Road, March 5, 1951.


Alder Dam: Possible Bigfoot tracks found here in May 1981.

Ape Canyon (near Kelso): Prospectors in a cabin were bombarded with rocks by Bigfeet; They saw four Bigfeet and one was shot. July 1924.

Blue Mountains: A Forest Service patrolman man saw a Bigfoot and found footprints which even had skin patterns. June 1982.

Chalis: A flying guy was seen here by several people. He was hovering 20 feet about a woman's barn, with long silver wings. They were artificial, being fastened on over the shoulders. He had some sort of device to manipulate the wings on his chest. He flew in a upright position. January 6, 1948. (see also Longview)

Grand Coulee area: A large hole 2 feet deep was found, with a plug of earth standing up about 75 feet away. The earth removed from this hole weighted about 3 tons, and no one was doing any work, digging, etc. to provide a logical explanation. October 1984.

Greenwater: This has got to be bogus..but here goes. A couple were camping when they claim they were attacked at night by a bear-like creature about 8 feet tall. It had curly brown hair and was smelly. We could write this off as a Bigfoot or misidentified actual bear, but they claim it talked to them in a high pitched non-human sounding voice if they had permission to camp there and asked their names! The couple told it they had permission to camp. I guess this thing didn't believe them, as it started throwing rocks, after telling them to leave. OKÖ July 6, 1985.

Hoquiam: Mrs. Betty Satlow died of carbon monoxide poisoning and she was duly taken to the mortuary. The next day her body began to burn inside her coffin (without the usual assistance from the mortuary). December 7, 1973. (See Pontiac, MI).

Lake Washington: Two alligators were seen in the lake chasing ducks in 1967.

Longview: Three flying men were seen here in April 9, 1948. They were circling above the city; had no evident means of propulsion, although both witnesses to this heard the sound of motors. They were wearing helmets. (see also Chehalis, WA) A black panther was seen here on July 1987.

Lummi Island: A UFO splashed into the ocean, divers found something on the bottom, but it disappeared before it could be checked out. December 31, 1984.

Mount Rainier: Kenneth Arnold's famous UFO sighting occurred here. (This incident is what inspired the name "flying saucer") June 24, 1947.

Puyallup: A calf-sized mystery animal was seen here bounding across a field, (a possible kangaroo?) 1967.

Seattle: A Coast Guard member saw a UFO near Seattle on July 4, 1947. Definitely a great year for UFO sightings.

Spokane: One house here was bombarded by golfball sized rocks for a week and no one knows where the rocks came from. August-September 1977.

Strait of Juan De Fuca: Two witnesses (in two different places) near Port Angeles, saw a large flaming something fall into the ocean. March 9, 1960.

Tacoma: A 5 pound steel ball fell from the sky on August 1951.

Yakima Reservation: This is a huge area, but somewhere in it ghost lights appear. Rather odd ones, too. Described as "a luminous object that had a teardrop shape, with the small end pointing up. It was brilliantly white in the center, surounded by a fluorescent tan or light orange halo. The object's most awe-inspiring feature was a mouselike tail or antenna protruding from the small end. It was a long as the object itself, and was segmented into red, blue, green and white which was constantly changing brilliancy and hue." Well, OK! Not sure if this is continuing or not, although reportedly, sighting of this dropped in frequency after 1986.

Flatwoods: An entity, with a blood-red face, greenish-orange eyes and 10-15 feet tall was seen near a large globe-likeUFO here. The entity floated towards the witnesses, who understandably, ran. September 12, 1952.

Parkersburg: Well, it must have some ghosts. It has a ghost tour:

Wharn Cliff and Beech Creek: Several houses were burned to the ground in mysterious fires. Flames would shoot out of outlets, even when the power was cut off to the house. No arson was discovered, and no explanation, either. (See Odon, IN)


Barron: A 13 year-old boy was walking along a road at night and saw 20 little men travelling in single file towards him. They all were bald, with white skin, and wore something that sounds like lederhosen. They walked by, ignoring the boy. 1919.

Manitowoc: A 21 1/2 pound piece of steel fell from the sky. It showed signs of passing through the earth's atmosphere at a high rate of speed. No one knows if it's a piece of satellite or what. September, 1962.

Manitowoc: A 40" long alligator was caught on the banks of a nearby river in November 1978.

Milwaukee: A 50 lb. piece of metal fell from the sky on August 22, 1974.

Milwaukee: Jeffrey Dahmer disgraced the City of Milwaukee at 924 N. 25th Street #213.He was a serial killer, for those who don't recognize the name. (However, I believe the apartment building he lived in has since been demolished.)

Oshkosh: Grand Opera House: Footsteps were heard, ghosts seen in the 1970's and 1980's.

Plainfield: Ed Gein (the inspiration for "Psycho") lived on a farm 4-5 miles south of town. I believe the farm was torched, so there's probably nothing left to see.

Richmond: A kangaroo was seen in a woman's yard. A local circus was quizzed about it, but they said they didn't have one. 1899.

Stevens Point: (south of there): A couple vacationing in cabin were terrorized by Bigfoot, August 1981.


Near Jackson: Woman sees Bigfoot crossing a field, summer 1972.

Near Lander: Boys on horseback see Bigfoot running near them, summer of 1972.

Medicine Bow Nat'l Forest: Carl Higdon saw 6' entity in black, who took him into a UFO, giving him pills to satisfy hunger. Then he was told he wasn't what they needed and released. October 24, 1974.

Snow King Mt. Two men were chased off the mountain by a 12' Bigfoot on June 12, 1980.

Teton Forest: Students saw a "bear" and shot it, then found it was a 7' tall hairy, human-like creature.(so they LEFT THE CORPSE!). Why do people do stuff like this when everyone's been looking for definite physical evidence of Bigfoot? December 1967.

Yakima Valley Highway: Thousands of belivers flocked to an ordinary traffic sign here hoping to catch a glimpse of an image of the Virgin Mary. "It shows like the figure of the Virgin Mary," a witness reported. The sighting was first reported around 4 p.m. Saturday on the sign at the intersection of state Route 241 and Yakima Valley Highway. 1997-I have no idea if this is still appearing.